Our past two months on the Dutch side

PHILIPSBURG - I want to make a few comments regarding our past two month stay on the Dutch side, now into our third month. Last week, we were robbed while sleeping. The burgler came in and stole, laptops, Iphone, recorder and sprayed us with something to make us sleep.

I beleive they followed us for several weeks watching the property and we live right behind the prime ministers son.

Secondly, I was robbed on Divi Beach by a massage lady and he sidekick.

Lastly was TODAY, we have been renting a vehicle from Rent a Wreck for the last two months. we got a flat tire a month ago and was told to leave the car at the location by the police. The police found us a gypsy cab that charged us $35.00 for a 5 minute ride home. Thankfully he did not murder us. So when we went to renew our contract today, they took my card and charged $800 for the FLAT TIRE from a month ago!!!!!!!

When we went to pick up our car from last months flat tire incident, the owner said that we did not have to pay for the tire, and today the story has changed. They told me they were going to charge me for the next month, instead they STOLE $800 from my card, leaving us stranded, with no car, no cab, we had to walk all the way to a place to find internet to call another company to help us with a rental. They required my credit card which were all stolen except for the ONE they used today to STEAL $800 from my account, that is all the money I have til we leave on March 1st.

This company are thieves, everytime we go to the office, there is always a tourist yelling about extra charges, I am really upset with r=the Dutch side and how it has become such a disgrace. I am now selling our properties after today.

I am never returning to the Dutch side again. No one ever helped us, not even the police the night we were robbed, they never showed up we called three times. The Divi Manager did NOTHing to try and help us with the stolen money from the massage lady, the manager knew the people he stated and that was it. We are told that the locals here all work together to formulate a plan to steal. The Sunset Beach Bar is swarming with stalkers who watch the tourist and observe them, they are SPOTTERS for the theives.

It is awful that your locals take advantage of innocent people, KARMA will take hold of what they are doing to us. We come here to spead money and put food in your families mouth. What kind of morals exist here?

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