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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - A tsunami rocked our hide- out  when we learned of the results of the long awaited screening results. For many, the results did not come as a surprise as we went down that road some years ago when it comes to the leader of UPP. That he was closely related to Mr. Schotte should not come as a surprise nor should the Romain Laville saga. The Prosecutor throws a Monkey Wrench in the white and green coalition by issuing a damning report arising from the screening of to be Ministers.
As a consequence of this report, the two political parties had to go back to the drawing board and try to form a government now with the US Party, and the DP Party. The prosecutors report indicated that Theodore Heyliger and Franklyn Meyers failed to pass the screening process.The report mentioned that MP Heyliger is under investigation and unpaid taxes by Franklyn Meyers wife.

Considering all the above The Mongoose must take note of the fact that if the interest of the people comes first with the UP party, then the big question is: why hold those that voted for the UP party hostage to the fact that those mentioned cannot pass the screen instead of presenting new candidates to represent the UPP.  After - all their votes jointly got the 5 seats in parliament.
But it seems if not Frankie and or Theo, no one else.

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0 #1 matt 2016-12-25 12:06
Yeah how come USP can put persons who didn't run on their election slate for minister and UPP could not do the same because the dictator William Marlin did not want to do so. He played UPP bad but his time will come. Who laugh last, laughs best. One minister Nicolas can't even p***** the screening yet, but Marlin can wait. But Marlin this candidate minister has no kind of formal education. He just like you as you never p*****ed for Teaching in Curacao either but Claude made you principal of a school here in SXM. Let the people know and at least show your diploma if I am wrong as both of us went to the same teaching College in Curacao, but you did not p*****. How come? Sarah and Frans are going to play you soon. Watch and see. Fool some now but you can't fool me for sure as I know your history womanizer. You ever told persons that you were married in Curacao also and who you fooled with marriage here too until you got married to your now wife.

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