Wrong with foreign investments, everything wrong with bad governance

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - “Over the last couple of weeks, the hot topic has been the Pearl of China project”, stated Member of Parliament Frankie Meyers. “On one hand we have two Ministers outlining all what they expect from this project and on the other hand you have a large group of concerned citizens and long time visitors to the island wanting answers to relevant questions pertaining this project.

I am all for diversifying our economy and tapping into possible new niche markets to grow our economy in a sustainable manner. We need more money entering our economy than leaving our economy, which is not rocket science.

“However, we need to look at all the pros and cons when making decisions and especially decisions that can have an impact on so many levels like the Pearl of China project. Some valid questions arise when thinking about a project of this magnitude: How will this affect other segments of our economy (like the Timeshare Industry)? How will it affect current businesses (like Belair Hotel and Divi Hotel)? How will it affect our infrastructure (traffic, sewage, garbage, etc.)? How will it affect the environment? Which stakeholders have been consulted? I think it is the most normal thing to ask these relevant questions and I therefore totally understand the concerns that have been expressed via social media and other media.

“Instead of answering some of the aforementioned questions the private initiative apparently was not so private since we had two Ministers negotiating terms and conditions for this project. None of these terms and conditions has been made public except for what all will be given to St. Maarten by the developers. None of these promises have been put on paper and made available to the public. This is asking for distrust and conspiracy theories from the general public. There is nothing transparent about it. All the concerns of the people could have been laid to rest if the two Ministers were just a bit more transparent.

“One of the vague promises is the creation of four hundred jobs for ‘locals’ and ‘local’ subcontractors will get to work under the main contractor. I, of course, applaud any initiative that guarantees income for my people, but who are the ‘locals’ that the Ministers and the developer keep referring to? And it also appears as if these ‘locals’ need to master the Chinese language. How realistic is that? Is there a plan? Where is it?

“All I am saying is that I welcome foreign investors, because we need them. But we can’t go run around executing projects left, right and center without a comprehensive plan based on research and input of stakeholders. Getting a project together is one thing, to do it in a responsible manner another. Nothing is wrong with foreign investment, everything is wrong with bad governance”, Member of Parliament Frankie Meyers concluded.

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0 #2 The RED Rooster Cock 2016-10-04 00:46
Well Frankie BOy AKa, The mule , now a member of government, its great to see you as a local given family at the top of your game , but truly and sad that more locals should also be reaping all of the benefits on the island where gr***** roots came from .but No way can they for the love of greed money and power of demonds , do your self one big favor you are well educated , go back to all your old baeball and basket ball friends and look at the sad life that they are living , not becuase they cant progress and arec well educated , but when you have a BOY like theo who will do aNYTHING TO HOLD POWER WHERE IS SXM GOING $) YEARS OF CLAUDE , WHO HAD AWAY BETTER REALAYTION SHIP WITH HELPING LOCALS OUT OF THERE PROBLEMS , COME NOW WISH YOU ALL THE BEST , SXMERS ARE SO BRAIN WASHED LIKE MOST THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES , WHEN SXM IS NEW WORLD ISLAND , helloooooooooO
+1 #1 reader 2016-09-29 22:06
Can you please remove the banners to the right and left of the page. It really makes reading articles on a mobile device a terrible experience

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