Interruption highlights closing remarks of Chair of Parliament Monday

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - It is ironic that MP de Weever, who had just finished his own parliamentary year-end presentation with a call for unity, could not allow the Chairlady of Parliament (DP faction) to make her year-end presentation uninterrupted.

It should however surprise no-one. This has been the "style" of this MP from day one, disrespectful and rude, especially towards the female chairperson of Parliament.

Is it really that MP de Weever does not know better? Hard to imagine for someone who had just moments before his interruption of the Chair  boasted of his accomplishments as an MP.

Even the most unaccomplished MP must know that the closing of Parliament is not a regular public meeting of Parliament.
Do only faction leaders speak in a public meeting of Parliament? NO

Do members of parliament speak without a speakers' list in a regular meeting of Parliament? NO

A regular meeting of Parliament is furthermore conducted in 2 rounds. Neither is this the first closing of Parliament for MP de Weever.

But what the same MP also knows is that is takes  much more than an interruption by him to detract the Chairlady or make her lose her composure.

Democratic Party of St. Maarten
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-2 #1 carnival 2016-09-12 13:46
Booh Booh School teacher Sarah, you have to learn to deal with grown ups now. No lilchick for you any longer. All the radio stations u went to, to avoid having elections in 2016 but in 2018 giving lectures so you can remain school teacher much longer. But school teacher dearest, William Marlin throw you under the bus with your Lee. See how it feels, he behind the steering wheel right now and you under the bus. Cry and complain all u want but NA now in charge not u, neither in parliament school teacher, see if Silveria has a job for u in education. You see when you were behind the steering wheel u throw so many people under the bus even in your own DP party. But karma is really a *****. You forget everything is for a time, if it didn't get you it surely will get your children or grands or even great grands. So be nice to others. You no Saint, so stop playing it now. What goes around one day comes around. So stop crying now because election coming around in a next 2 weeks. I will :D

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