MARIGOT, St. Martin -

Te soon coming
wha soon coming 
De révolution soon coming
And t aint gan be no pan revolution
This time
Te gan .be the people revolting

Cauz they tired suffering
And they decided they coming
And they aint joking
So if yuh aint prepared
YUH better be aware
Cauz they sharing licks
And they coming with big big 
They coming with sauce pan
They coming with fryin pan
In the hand
They coming for all ah ayoo
So ayoo politrickians
Ayoo better be Prepare te run
Fo cover
For who aint running
For something
Gone sûre .be running
From blows
Cauz they sharing blows
Like old clothes
Licks in ayoo cloth
Licks on yo popa
Licks on ayoo moma 
Licks in yo Nainaine

So prepare te soak ayoo
Cauz nobody will be speared
Becauz tis licks they coming 
Te share
So all ayoo better 
come together
And do something fast
If ayoo dont want this 
Revolution come te pass
Copyright 2016


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