BillyD': Who told who?

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - I listened to all of you wonderful people on your radio station tonight making me the "bad guy" and turning Rolando Brison into the poor victim. More power to all of you.

You however made a statement that "you told Michael Ferrier to go to hell". If you are a real man, you will go on the program next Tuesday and practice what you often preach...tell the truth.

Tell the people why after supporting your station from the day you went on the air for the first time, I cancelled our advertising agreement with SOS radio on or about 2 days after the 2014 Dutch side elections. Dig deep and tell the people the truth. Not YOUR version of the truth, but the REAL truth..

Regards to Fernando, Suja, Chris and Rolando. They are a fine bunch of people, some born here, some (Fernando for sure) like me, born on Aruba. But I guarantee all of you the following: You MAY love St. Maarten AS MUCH as me, but NONE of you will EVER love it MORE than me! And that goes for those of you that "born here", while I was just "born to be here".

And by the way, just like you, I am not afraid to tell any body to go to hell if they deserve it. I owe NO ONE and no one OWNS me...And best of all, my conscience is clean like a whistle. I hope you and your fellow radio talk show colleagues can say the same.

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0 #2 wendell antonius 2016-08-19 07:09
Thief Brison
0 #1 Wendy 2016-08-17 12:29
Rolando Brison, stick up your finger you are a big thief. Honorable thing is to resign, this will continue to follow you. Were you already screened if so in which manner.

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