LETTER TO THE EDITOR By: Mulrose Rogers-Toulon

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Because I was born on Sint Maarten, I love my island and have a passion for the people of this country. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I was raised by Sint Maarten’s best, namely the Rogers, Mardenboroughs, Cannegieters, Kingsales, Sponspers, Bakers, Halleys, and Carti’s. I am from good people. I was taught good manners and I am ready to SERVE MY PEOPLE FOR A CHANGE!!

Why join the Sint Maarten Christian Party? That was an easy choice for me. Their core values, morals and norms resonated with me and this made it all the more easy for me to postulate myself as a candidate on the SMCP slate. The Sint Maarten Christian Party advocates stability in Parliament and in Government. It’s a party with people who will neither be bought nor sold to destabilize the government. Aren’t we all longing to have a solid and stable government in our country, working for the people of Sint Maarten? I chooseto be part of bringing integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability in Government and that is why I am a candidate on the SMCP list.

Sint Maarten..., isn’t it time that your needs are met for a change? Aren’t you tired of feeling the pangs of financial hunger while others around you are financially obese? Sint Maarten…, aren’t you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck while others can decide to save their paychecks? Hunger is real in Sint Maarten. Poverty is real in Sint Maarten. Lack is also real inSint Maarten. I see lack everywhere in my Sint Maarten. There is a lack of communication between Government and our people. There is a lack of respect, lack of integrity, lack of concern, lack of enforcing rules, lack of compassion, lack of a vision and long term planning, lack of provision for a vision, lack of strategy and adequate solutions. People of Sint Maarten we can no longer afford to live in lack and be held back, while led by lack!.

Our constitution is filled with wonderful promises that the people of Sint Maarten, for the most part are unaware of. For example, article 44 states that the Parliament represents the entire population of Sint Maarten. Do you actually feel that you are being adequately represented, if represented at all? Article 67 states that Parliament is authorized to champion the interests of Sint Maarten with the Government of the Kingdom. Have your interests been championed? Which Parliamentarian has made, or taken the time to hear your interests?

According to article 78.2; the Ombudsman shall undertake investigations, if requested to do so or on his own initiative into the conduct of administrative bodies designated by national ordinance. Has your business license been taking an unusually long time to process while others have gotten theirs in a fair amount of time or in no time at all? Who is keeping your documents on their desks because they don’t like you? Do you feel as if you are being ignored? Do you feel as if the administrative bodies in Sint Maarten are bullying you? Go to the Ombudsman and complain about it!! It is your right to ask them to look into your situation and to provide you with answers!!!

Article 22 states that it is a constant concern of Government to keep the country habitable and to protect and improve the natural environment. People of Sint Maarten, we have got to fix the dump situation. It is a health hazard!! If we don’t act now we will see an increase of bronchitis, asthma, and respiratory tract infections. We are slowly killing our own people. Fixing the dump situation is high on the priority list of the Sint Maarten Christian Party.

One of my concerns is the single mothers in this island. They work so hard for their kids. Some have two jobs, and even do extras just to be able to pay all of their bills. At the end of the day they come home tired, kiss their babies and beat themselves over the head for not being there for them. Not being able to help with their homework, not spending quality time with them and feeling as if they have failed. I will be the voice for single mothers and do all in my power to ensure that their needs are properly represented.

People of Sint Maarten don’t give up! Go out and vote on September 26th and elect a stable and honest government. Let us put the SMCP to represent your interest and to eradicate all the lacks mentioned above. Let us put a voice in Parliament that will SERVE YOU FOR A CHANGE! The Sint Maarten Christian Party is your best alternative and together we can turn things around. “Enough of the abuse, the greed and corruption!” Tell them Mully say: “WE DON’T LIVE SO!” We cannot bring back the “good old days” but we sure can bring in “Better Days!”

Sincerely, your girl,


Mulrose Rogers-Toulon

Candidate of the SMCP


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