Talk is cheap takes money to buy bread. Just want to react to the Dcomm advisory from Public Works Minister

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Please see on top many roof tops in Philipsburg as well as several other dwellings mainly in Town area and see what kind of mess and disaster we have on several of them.  we have

from Parliament building roof top some of the stores has a whole lot of dangerous materials still lying on the top of their buildings not secured, dangerous waiting to drop on or fly off the roof and kill some body, that to me not only needs the issuance of a warning but a heavy fine and need public works attention.
Look from the second floor from Nagico building even worse situation..from on top of WIB bank another disaster. what happen to on the spot checking and control. God forbids
this to happen, but walking under some of those building can be very dangerous seeing the loose blocks and zinc's and woods just pile up on top them, waiting for disaster to happen, something fallen on some one head and fatally injuring them, just ask the person who posted on facebook some months what they saw at one time.. complete hazardous and dangerous situation with all the blocks on roof tops holding down zincs roof ect. Lets get that clean up as well Mr Minister, the danger   aint only down below but up on the roof tops as well at several of these buildings, have an inspection done and do something about it as well, make safety also a must, bring on soem heavy controls.
It not just issuing a warning telling contractors, business owners and home owner what to do now that we are in huricane season, but also inspection should be carried out on  a number of these buildings. the outside and inside might be looking good, but go from the roof and see the disaster some time I wonder if we have and Inspection department and if the people in the right place don't see these things. and the bad part all these roof top construction materials have been lying there for months and even years and nothing. do your part I would say, people who have dangerous things lying around should be fine heavily so they respect other people life's and property. I know you cant know everything but this is certainly something to look into my honorable Minister.
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