Follow up with Education and Youth Minister Silveria Jacobs on Teachers and School Bus Situations

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Dear MP Wescot-Williams,

By means of this letter, I am following up with Minister Silveria Jacobs about what progress, if any, has been made on the grievances raised by teachers about the management and management personnel in the Public Education Department and on the matter of outsourcing of school bus transportation.


My questions to the minister on topics are as follows: 


1. Has the minister met with and/or updated the teachers on the resolution of their grievances with the Education Department personnel?


2. Has any meeting or contact been made with the Education Department personnel in question about the issues raised by the teachers?


3. Have the teachers been given any commitment from the minister about the ensuring their grievances if/when fixed will not reoccur in the future? 




4. There is an issue at Milton Peters College with the availability of teachers for the TKL section in the area of Economics and Mathematics. How is this issue being tackled? 


5. It is understood there are personnel issues in TKL. Is the minister aware of this? If yes, what is being done to solve it?  


6. There is an ongoing situation with one teacher related to the non-transfer of the information to students have been proven fruitless.  Management is said to be aware of the situation and has been working with the teacher who leads especially exam classes. Can you investigate this and provide a confirmed solution as well as what the plan will be moving forward?


School Bus


7. What is the latest with Government’s plan to “outsource” the school bus operations? 


8. The bidding process for the school bus operations has been put on hold. What is the latest on this? 


9. What is the arrangement, if any, for the school bus transportation for the new school year?



10.  What has been communicated to the existing bus drivers about the new situation?



I look forward to the prompt answers from the minister.








MP Tamara Leonard


United People’s party

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0 #1 Teacher 2016-05-31 12:30
Very good, MP Leonard. Keep fighting on our behalf. You have earned my respect and future vote.

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