PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - I, Achken Roberto Richardson, as a Believer, Born again Christian, and Follower of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, would hereby briefly like to state the following, as to in my personal opinion, bring clarity to this Subject Debate regarding the Issue of the Carnival Parade taking place on a Sunday, as is being objected and debated by the Sint Maarten Christian Council.

For the Record, let it be very clear that Christianity is Christ-made, while Religion, as well as so many Activities, such as Carnival, are Man-made. True Followers of CHRIST are to be never affected, distracted, or influenced by the Happenings of this World. Because We are in this World, Yes, but not of this World. The Government of CHRIST, as is fully outlined in the Holy Scriptures, regulates the Lives of All Believers/ Christians living the lives of the Christian Faith of Christ in HIS Kingdom.

Legislations passed by Governments regarding Worldly Activities and Events, are the Legal and Correct Manner in which these Issues can be ultimately and completely resolved for once and for All, between Church and State (GOD and Caesar). The Legal way to have this done, that the Church Community and Religious Functions of this Land can be respected, is to have the Same Christian Council officially present a Proposal to the Parliament of Sint Maarten for Approval by a Majority of Representatives of the People of Sint Maarten, in order to avoid this becoming a Religious, Community, or Political Issue.

In this manner, A Legislation will be established to protect, safeguard, and uphold such a Decision. It is not a matter that can be contested in the Court of Sint Maarten, because it has not been Legislated by Government or Parliament as yet. No longer can we operate in having Agreements established in Good Faith to later see them changed from time to time by opinions, when we have to contend with All sorts of outside influences that have been derailing the very fabric of our Religious Lifestyles and Cultures, that have developed Sint Maarten over the Many Generations and Centuries to what it has become today.

The Christian values that have built us as GOD Fearing People through the Ages, after the Resurrection and Ascension of Our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, are being sabotaged by the evil one, the devil, through the many man-made and created attractions and distractions of this World. The Bible speaks in the Book of Revelation of all this. The Focus should, and must be the Winning of Souls for CHRIST. Whether it is Carnival or other Influential Events of this World, the devil will continue his onslaught for the souls of Man on this Earth.

For the devil has come to kill, steal, and destroy, but JESUS has come to give us Life, and that We might have it more abundantly. Heaven is Real, but unfortunately so is hell. JESUS CHRIST has already overcome the World on the Cross of Calvary. Let our FOCUS as Christians be to 1) Present a Document to the Parliament of Sint Maarten, who are the Representatives of the People, for their Approval, in establishing by Legislation or Law, putting the Carnival issue and other issues to rest, once and for All.

A Crisis Meeting can be called as soon as possible, with the Minister of Culture, the President of the Sint Maarten Christian Council, and the President of the Sint Maarten Carnival Development Foundation, to at least establish a Document Of Goodwill, that would be the First Phase in starting this Process, and making it all happen.  2) As Christians, let us All Unite as One, in Our various Denominations, be it Catholic, Methodist, Adventist, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostals, as well as other Christian Denominations, to fulfill the Task that CHRIST has commissioned us to do, and that is to Win the Lives of the unsaved for HIM, in Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin, The Caribbean, and the Rest of the World, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, Our SAVIOR, LORD, and KING OF KINGS.

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