“Education Minister all glitter and no glam” UP Board responds to Jacobs

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten --- “It seems we’ve got the re-birthed National Alliance version of a past public official who is basically known for fancy worded speeches and no action,” the United People’s Party Board said in a press release. “This Minister is clearly all glitter and no glam with a way to profile the glitter on social media and more so what appears to be an emotional rant,” the UP board stated.
“Education is a major priority for our country as it is an investment into our future and the professional development of our people,” the UP board added. “We have been monitoring the ongoing performance or lack thereof of the sitting Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs who has in some instances taken credit from projects initiated by her predecessor,” stated the UP Party Board. 

“It seems the Minister’s response to us is nothing short of an emotional rant contradicting herself in several aspects of the response. The Minister stated in a media release she has been a reading volunteer at her son’s school and never took a picture to make a political statement. Then why mention this now if that volunteer initiative was truly genuine?” UP Party Board questioned. Additionally, we remain amazed how the Minister could have even mentioned the school busing issue which she had to disband because it jeopardized our own people,” the UP board added.
“Again we reiterate our original call as this Minister has taught in front of classrooms and sat in the managerial role but we’ve yet to see anything tangible happen within the ministry to date besides fancy speeches,” the UP Board added.
“Our education vision remains where we would like to see closer cooperation between the Education Ministry, the Ministry of VROMI and the Ministry of Labor Affairs. We firmly believe that incentives for educators inclusive of providing the necessary materials should be the cornerstone in promoting exceptional teaching within our classrooms for the benefit of our students.  We firmly believe that education needs reform and we are committed to seeing that happen once we return back in government,” the UP board added.

“The current Minister should fest up to her apparent political mileage attempts and change course by actually executing the changes in Education she promised instead throwing blame on any change in government which she enjoys today,” the UP Board concluded. 

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0 #1 Arch rd resident 2016-04-20 01:00
Selvia Meyers why you and your husband don't stop pumping out El Capitain pits and flooding the People on arch rd yards full of shit water? how would you feel if someone come up there where you live with a shit truck and pump septic water in your yard? Minister Meyers look into to this, we the people of Arch rd been taking this for too long.

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