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PHILIPSBURG - Despite the Carnival Development Foundation
PHILIPSBURG - National Alliance councilman George Pantophlet said that their faction is not convinced that civil servants on St. Maarten or St. Maarteners working abroad are given the opportunity to apply for the positions that need to be filled in the government apparatus.

:---A group of working women who are also friends and support group for a young woman whom they say have endured years of abuse has decided to have their voices heard hoping to create awareness. The women said that they have over the years seen how a man known in the community as Burger King Father has abused the mother of his four children both mentally and physically.
National Alliance Councilman George Pantophlet says it is time for government to step up. The people of this island are feeling tremendous pressure as the prices of goods and services continue to increase by the minute. Government should convene an urgent meeting with all stakeholders and together make an effort to ease the burden.

The councilman said that he read an article about the government of Cameroon canceling the purchase of government vehicles to cut cost. They passed legislation to increase civil servants salaries by 15%. Additional legislation was passed to exclude import duties or tariffs on basic necessities. This was all being done to offset the negative impact of high oil prices that are affecting the purchasing power of the people. This decision of the Cameroon government will definitely reflect a huge reduction in income. They even made some 15,000 persons working on contract permanent.

The staff of the Census Office would like to convey our sincere condolences to the family and friends of our colleague Stanley Gumbs. Stanley will be direly missed. He has marked our hearts forever with his impeccable mannerism and demeanor. His departure from this earth was so sudden and unfair but we know that he is in a better place, exerting the same politeness that became his trademark in and out of the office.

Stanley WE MISS YOU!!!!!


Dear collegues in the environment and heritage

Please find a letter that Mr. Patrick brought with him
Dear Editor,

Following the announcement by Louis Constant Fleming of the rejection of the campaign accounts, the group Union for Progress, through me, would like to reaffirm its support, confidence and loyalty to the President. This confidence is based on the conviction, which is as strong as ever, that he is the best choice to manage the changes that Saint Martin needs. We haven


I have noticed that the Lt. Governor has police officers living in his privately owned premises at Sunflower Road #1, Saunders, St. Maarten and nothing should be wrong with that at first sight. Nothing would be wrong if they were paying their own rent.

It s also public knowledge that Mr. H. P. Rogers and Mr. H. C. Rosalia are both police officers and are residing at Sunflower Road #1, Saunders.



Please grant me some space to voice my great concern in regards to the Island Council meetings on Saba. So far the Island Council have held three meetings after taking their oath of office and this must be encouraged as much as possible because at least we can see that democracy is also alive on Saba within the Island Council.

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