Integrity Chamber Law and Border Control Motions to be followed up on by Parliament.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The President of Parliament, Sarah Wescot-Williams has requested the Government of St. Maarten to submit to the Parliament the draft Integrity Chamber ordinance and all documentation pertaining to this matter as well as the documentation pertaining to the agreement on border control.

These 2 subjects are at the center of the dispute between the Government of St. Maarten and the Dutch Government as far as aid from  the Kingdom of the Netherlands is concerned.

The documents are necessary for the Parliament to follow up on its motions regarding the integrity chamber and border control. The President of Parliament has placed the motions on the agenda of parliament for Tuesday, November 7th, with the expectation that the draft ordinance along with the advice of the Council of Advice and government’s comments will be presented to Parliament to be handled post haste.

If, as the government has alleged, these matters are already finalized, then nothing stands in the way of Parliament’s handling and subsequent approval.

In its motions, the Parliament of St. Maarten has taken a clear stand on the matters of the integrity chamber and border control, as the stated conditions for the reconstruction aid from the Kingdom government. 

The draft integrity chamber law (ordinance) has to follow the legal procedures of any law, including advising by the Council of Advice. This advice must be accompanied by government’s comments and reaction to the Council’s advice.

While the border control agreement is the justice minister’s prerogative and the parliament has already instructed the minister to comply with parliament’s motion on this, the integrity chamber must be formalized in a law of Parliament.

While hypothetically, an initiative from Parliament can also accomplish legislation, such also has to be submitted to the council of Advice and reacted upon.

Hence the call to Government to speed up the process and by doing so, take away at least this hurdle standing in the way of the much needed aid for St. Maarten.

Tuesday’s meeting is a central committee meeting, a necessary part of the legislative trajectory, but the law can only be voted upon in a public meeting of Parliament.

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0 #5 suarez 2017-11-11 15:46
The ship jumpers and money hawks for there own pockets showed at the border , shame shame sarah famous for cutting ribbons , please come on now you guys are done before u start chopping up the $550 million on your butchers block
+1 #4 Crossroads 2017-11-11 07:48
Sarah believes the when the Dutch bring the 550 mil that they will leave and go back to the Sarah, they are staying for good. And they are not only coming to guard our borders and justice system. The Dutch is coming to guard all of the corrupt politicians and the ship jumpers.
I am so happy that William M. trick and beat her and Theo leadership by accepting the conditions the Dutch laid out on the table. That was a smart move William.
Sarah was the longest sitting Prime Minister of St Maarten and she never establish a SHIP JUMPING law.
+1 #3 suarez 2017-11-11 01:33
its evident enough that the money sharks are coming out of the wood works , using IRMA as there trampoline to start butchering up the $$$ 550 million that's coming for the islands , NO Shame in there Game , ship jumping at the highest level , selling there own family souls to the devil at any cost ,sxmers , will suffer like always , Dutch needs to watch Like Drowns , louis jumped ship and forgot how they was going to shut him down in 2010 , bill brown boy you are next in line , and Theo the only informer setting people up Really , enough is enough st maarten needs the help , but there need to be a quality integrity comptroller overseeing every $$$$$$ spen
+2 #2 No shame 2017-11-09 10:01
U need to hush , don't talk about nobody .
U sound like pot calling tge kettle black .
U just don't have no shame .
+2 #1 Money 2017-11-07 10:08
Pray for Sxm

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