Office of Care Insurance Caribbean Netherlands (ZVK) bringing St. Maarten patients back home

CARIBBEAN NETHERLANDS - In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma a large number of persons from St. Maarten requiring urgent medical attention were evacuated to Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Included in this group was a large cluster of dialysis patients and patients who had to be admitted into the various hospitals for urgent care.

Fortunately, the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) is again operational, while the Health Care Inspectorate has deemed the infrastructural conditions as they were before the two hurricanes. This means that the patients from St. Maarten's can return home again.

The ZVK understands that in addition to the medical aspects, social aspects, such being home sick, has played a major role in the mental condition of these patients. The ZVK has for this reason, committed herself to bring this group of patients home, as quick as possible.

The ZVK has organized three flights from Aruba on Sunday, October e 22nd and Monday 23rd , with 48 dialysis patients, accompanied by a nursing staff, to be flown to St. Maarten. A group of 13 patients admitted to the hospitals of Bonaire and Curacao will be flown back to their island on Thursday, October 26th. The ZVK will continue to return all patients under its care to St. Maarten in a responsible and safe way.

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