Coast Guard intercepted narcotics near Curacao

CURAÇAO - The Coast Guard Caribbean (KWCARIB) on Monday evening, a batch of drugs intercepted on a vessel coming from Venezuela. Six people have been arrested here.

The radar operator of the recue and Coordination Center (RCC) of KWCARIB detected in the evenings suspicious contact south of Cape St. Marie. A Super-RHIB coast guard bases Curacao was used equal and directed to the area.

When the persons on board of the vessel foresaw the Super-RHIB, they cast two (2) bales overboard, but they were identical fished out of the water by the Coast Guard.

The vessel, type 'yola' was intercepted and applied to the Coast Guard Parera.In fulcrum to the two bales were four (4) packages that are presumably narcotic middlen.

The six (6) persons on board, all with the Venezuelan nationality were arrested and together with the party drug transferred to the Police Corps Curacao. The vessel is seized. The matter is further investigated.

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