Cargo ship with major equipment from the Netherlands arrives in Sint Maarten

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Saturday morning the 7th of october (eta. 7 am) the Cygnus enters the port of Philipsburgh. On board of the cargo ship are the remaining materials for the waste train: pressure sprayers, watertanks and chemicals to desinfect high priority areas. The first part was flown in from the Netherlands by an Antonov cargo plane last saturday. 
Also on board of the Cygnus is a complete meteorological station, school bags and other education materials and nine trucks to assist the energy company Gebe in restoring the overhead lines. The meteorological station will probably be transported from the seaport to the airport on monday.
The Cygnus, that left from Curacao earlier this week, is chartered by the Dutch ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK). Recently BZK also chartered the vessel 'Aniek', which brought in food, water and garbage trucks to Sint Maarten, things that where needed at that time. The expectation is that in the upcoming period transports for help and the reconstruction of the island will continue.
For further questions, contact Kevin Kraan: +31 6 18 59 68 37
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