The Prime Minister of Sint Maarten launches

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten As a result of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma the Government of Sint Maarten has developed an official emergency website to inform and help residents find all relevant information relating to the natural disaster. The website is designed to keep the public up to date on news related to relief efforts, how to apply for assistance, emergency information, but also offers the option to report a hazard.

Anyone that is interested in donating funds or supplies to the people of Sint Maarten is encouraged to do so on a designated ‘How can I donate’ page. By filling out a form, the request is then handled by the National Operational Coordination Centre (NOCC).

The objective of the website is to enable the Government with streamlining information that needs to be communicated to the general public and the international community.

The site will be used to gather information from individuals and organizations seeking relief or help and to connect with persons or organizations interested in providing donations or aid to the country.

Both local and International media are encouraged to register on the website to get current news and developments as Sint Maarten begins her recovery process. Prime Minister Marlin is encouraging the public to fully utilize the website, stating: “A strong government is where the will of the Sint Maarten people matters, where the voice of the Sint Maarten people is heard”.

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0 #1 Natalie 2017-09-23 06:57
Where is the international appeal? A clear donation site should have been set up day 1.

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