Council of Children of Curaçao take award received

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - The Board of Children travel company TUI is Thursday, August 17th a special first day of school at the Dr. Albert Schweitzer HAVO VWO polite. The children of the 2nd grade this past school year were part of the Council of Children, received a medal and a certificate. Both are part of the BUZZ Award by the Council of Children has won. Last June, TUI took this award reception at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. More than 10,000 children in the Netherlands and the Antilles voted by the Council of Children of Cura ao ç.

Caroline Härtel, External Affairs Manager TUI Curaçao and Tamara Salsbach (TALENSA), local representative of the Board of Children in Curacao, the award took him to the school. All participants in the Council of TUI Children in Curacao received a medal and a certificate and the school received an award for its share in the project.

First Council of Children outside Netherlands
TUI is the first organization that has established a Board of Children outside the Netherlands. Reason for the jury of the Awards to nominate the tour. TUI initiated in 2015 in collaboration with Missing Chapter Foundation, initiator of the Council of Children and local tourism partners Board of Children in Curacao.

With this board, represented by the Albert Schweitzer College in Willemstad, children are involved in the development of tourism on the island. "We are very proud to have won the first international Board of Children such a beautiful award, says Arjan Cherry, General Manager TUI Netherlands. "We think it makes sense to involve children as serious interlocutors on issues that concern the future. Children are the future. It is important for us to keep talking to them about how they see the development of tourist destinations. Decisions we make today have an impact on future generations. "

Discovery of Curaçao for children
One of the recommendations of the Council of Children was that there had to be more tours for children on Curacao. TUI them also ordered to develop a discovery of Curaçao for children. A journey to the island shows the eyes of the local children. Here they had to take into account different conditions, as it should be for local and visiting children, can be used online and offline, and it is instructive and durable. The insights and ideas of the children have already identified three specific products: Kinderland card, a child rappelling and a culture and history tour. Within TUI is working hard right now to shape the tour via an app and / or booklet. The content of the tour is filled with information and activities that collected the Council of Children. The first steps of the development of the tour have been put.

Council of Children
Council of Children is designed for children to make them structurally thinking companies and organizations on strategic and social issues. By learning together everyone wins: children learn to think about the world around them, decision makers discover unexpected opportunities and mindsets and teachers are inspired by the creative brainpower of their students.

The collaboration between TUI and the Council of Children going back several years. In 2013, TUI Netherlands first Dutch tour a Council of Children installed with a group of 15 students from the Montessori Leidschenveen. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of TUI on Curaçao, the organization, the Council of Children established in Curaçao in 2015.

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