Claire Javios and Ines Choisy-Boucheaux to contest 2nd round parliamentary election for National Assembly in France

MARIGOT,  Saint Martin - The battle for the parliamentary seat in the National Assembly in France has shifted into gear.

Two candidates amassed enough votes to make it through to the second round in the parliamentary elections, which is now set Saturday, June 17th. For the first time, the race for the 2nd and decisive round will be contested between two women.

It now means that the fight for the parliamentary seat will now take place between Claire Javios of Team Gibs, who garnered 1,538 votes and Ines Choisy-Bouchaut, who was able to amass some 1,286 votes. With 1,119 votes, Jacque “Billy D” Hamlet had to settle for 3rd place, while Martha Januari of the MJP received 600 votes for the 4th position in the first round.

Meanwhile, speaking to our news department, leader of the opposition MJP, Councilman Louis Mussington expressed his gratitude to the many persons who voted for his candidate, Councilwoman Martha Januari and her running mate, former president of the Collectivité, Franz Gumbs.

The Councilman, who was speaking to us on Sunday, also expressed disappointment with the voter’s turnout during the first round of the elections on Saturday.

There are over 20, 000 eligible voters on the French side, however, this number did not reflect in the parliamentary elections held on Saturday for the National Assemble.

It is for this reason the Councilman is making an appeal to voters to out and vote in huge numbers on Saturday, June 17th, when the final and decisive round will be held.

His party, according to him, will be supporting Ines Choisy-Bouchaut, who is also supported by the party of the president of France, Emanuel Macron. The Councilman is also concern that persons on the French side are engaged in vote buying as well.  

This, according to him, will have to be changed, if we are to get meaningful representation on the French side.      


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0 #1 agga 117 2017-06-12 07:24
i hope Ines Choisy-Bouchaut wins give her that chance to make a change

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