Introduction of Idaline Martina by president of peridot foundation Gracita Arrindell

MAHO, St. Maarten - “idaline martina (pronounced: ai- de -lien) affectionally nicknamed jiji- is best known as a lady who governs a mans job with class!

trained in the field of roadwrok construction by her late father, wellknown baby martina, jiji has beenactively contributing to her community since 1983. by succesfully completing many projects , trenching and cable work placements has become second nature to her.

with a frim commitment to any role she is assigned to execute, she is able to identify different types of cables with their locations in accordance to where they have been entrenched. in addition to all of the this, jiji has an impecable skill set in the areas of plumbing, carpentry, upholstery and mechanical work, thus, far surpassing the well earned title of field supervisor. and…. ladies and gentlemen supervising she does!!! . in jiji’s way.

firm effective and with a great sense of humor, i must hasten to add, when appropriate!!

every day, from early in the morning thousands have seen jiji for almost 3 decades un- fazed by the blazing sun or adverse weather conditions doing her job in her typical no nonesense manner. admired and respected by those working close with her. u would know seeing her interact with the ‘boys’ in the field.

finally: amongst her just mentioned professional skil set, jiji has turned her hobby of sewing clothing into creating master pieces from fabric, along with a new outfit, she’s also able to beautify women with her cosmetology craft. moreover shes a great chef in the kitchen, a decorator for any house to transform into a home, gardener for life, an animal activist, and a great dancer for any occasion!

in all, truly a lady who has been a trailblazer literally and figuratively at the forefront at closing the gender gap in this field of work in sint maarten.

jiji is a caring mother, doting grandmother, a sister, an aunt and a most dearly a friend,

a wonderwomen is being recognized tonight-

ladies and gentlemen please stand and help me welcome with a big hand of applause, and those men with a hat on, hats off for ; idaline ‘ jiji ‘ martina…….”

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