Update: Cabinet Koeiman Resigns And Calls For Early Election

WILLEMSTAD - The Prime Minister of Curaçao Hensley Koeiman and his government resigned today. The Prime Minister also called for an early election.

The opposition parties declared that they have the necessary support to form a new government with the MFK as the ruling party. These parties already signed a declaration showing their willingness to form a government but this was rejected.

Elections will be on April 28.

Early posted:

Government’s Crisis: Cabinet Koeiman Loses Its Majority In Parliament

 WILLEMSTAD – The government of Curaçao does not have the support of a majority in Parliament. Only seven weeks into their term, the government headed by Prime Minister Koeiman is in crisis.

The Pueblo Soberano (PS) faction, in a letter, indicated to the Governor that they no longer support this government.

CURAÇAO - We hereby inform you that the members of the group of Pueblo Soberano in the States are no longer prepared to support the incumbent cabinet Koeiman.

That means the ministers in the cabinet Koeiman no longer enjoy the confidence of a majority in the States.

Meanwhile, representing the formation of a new cabinet agreed between various groups in the States which jointly have a majority of the members of the States.

We ask you therefore to do everything necessary to achieve the formation of a new cabinet, which can be formed on the basis of that agreement and that it enjoys the confidence of a majority in the States.


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