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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Mid Isle Rotarians had heard of a project out of Canada called ‘Can Tabs for Wheelchairs for Children’ from Rotarian Lezlie Murch of The Rotary Club of St. Catherines and were keen to help. For the last six months The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle has been diligently collecting for the ‘Can Tabs for Wheelchairs for Children’ project. Mid Isle Rotarians with the help of Isabelle of Mary’s Boone, Bibi of Lal’s, Sally of Vesna Taverna and Bombay Bites were able to collect 5.5 lbs of can tabs.

These cans tabs were recently presented to Rotarian Lezlie at a recent Mid Isle meeting. It takes approximately 3 million can tabs to be able to purchase a wheelchair. The can tabs are sold for their aluminum value at approximately Canadian cents 65-80 per pound to a metal recycling center in Canada.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Saturday Morning Program Line up 9:00 am – 12:30 noon

III – In the Children’s Room

University of St. Martin, Rm 104 

“Making up stories” and storytelling with educator, poet, author Dr. Patricia G. Turnbull; and face painting by La Rich will enrich the play experience for the children in this anniversary year of the St. Martin Book Fair. Ages 6 – 12.

Activities coordinator: Book Fair Committee (BFC)

9:00 am – 10:30 noon

IV – Perfume Maker, Perfume Maker, Make Me a Fragrance

University of St. Martin, Rm 102  

Discover the wonderful world of fragrance that begins with your sense of smell and transcends into the history of perfumes. How are fragrances or perfumes made, starting with raw materials to composition? Why do we wear them? The workshop will finish with an interactive session of the creation of a bottle of perfume that participants of the workshop will assist with.

Presenter: John Berglund, Tijon perfume workshop (St. Martin)

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The St. Maarten Tourist Office is in Miami to support St. Maarten’s culinary team that will be competing in the Taste of the Caribbean competition. Head of the Tourist Bureau Rolando Brison is joined by Lisa Coffi of the Product Development division of the bureau.

Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Event is promoted as the ‘celebration of the culinary arts of the Caribbean’ by showcasing to the general public and region the ‘Taste of Chefs from The Caribbean Islands’. The objective of this event is to foster the development of the professional skills of aspiring and established chefs and bartenders.

The Taste of the Caribbean venue provides a forum for culinary and beverage professionals to practically acquire as well as impart information about this profession/industry.

Chefs and beverage professionals are expected to gain knowledge of best practices in the culinary industry as well as developing dexterities in the art of cooking and mixing drinks, sampling of cuisines with pioneering blends of various ingredients, purchasing, established supplier relationships and meeting new vendors.

Ultimately, the Taste of the Caribbean platform provides innovative and energizing educational sessions for food and beverage professionals that can potentially enhance individual skills all during well planned educational seminars.

Each educational session will be conducted by leading industry culinary professionals ready to showcase the latest food and beverage trends and marketing strategies designed to boost profitability and improve culinary offerings.

These educational sessions are geared towards hoteliers, restaurateurs, and food and beverage professionals, managers and students from all facets of the culinary trade, affording them the opportunity to enhance their skills as well as to aid in increasing the success of their Businesses.

The food and beverage professionals will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills and build industry knowledge through the educational programs as well as sampling a variety of gourmet appetizers and desserts and tasting signature cocktails in an energetic atmosphere featuring authentic Caribbean music.

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - The United States Consulate General, in coordination with the Curaçao Sea Turtle Conservation, RAC/REMPEITC Caribbean, and the International Maritime Organization, is proud to do its part today in keeping Curaçao clean, green, and pristine for the people of today and children of tomorrow.

Toward that end, on June 2, consulate employees volunteered to assist with the hard work of cleaning up beaches along the northern shore of Curacao.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten - The Collective Prevention Services (CPS) would like to inform parents and guardians about its next Vaccination Open House which is scheduled for Saturday, June 10.   The June 10 Open House will be held at the Vineyard Office Park in Philipsburg from 9.00am to 4.00pm for children between 0-17 years old.

Parents and guardians are asked to bring their child’s vaccination record/book to the Open House.  There will also be presentations from 10.00am to 1.30pm.

Vaccines help your immune system fight more than 20 dangerous diseases.  From the time we’re born, vaccines offer protection to help individuals stay healthy throughout their entire lives.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - On Thursday June 1st 2017 Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson briefly visited group 7 of the Ruby Labega School during a class on traffic rules provided by Sergeant Rexcarlos Courtar of the Police traffic department.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - As part of the ongoing “Cops and Kids” program kids from the sixth grade of the Learning Unlimited School visited the Police Head Quarters in Philipsburg on Thursday June 1st 2017.

The Community Police Officer, Inspector Rensley Henson hosted a tour of the department. The kids were able to meet the Police Chief Carl John, the Chief Prosecutor Ton Maan and Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson of the Public Relation and Communication Department.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten - The Pantophlet Villa Foundation cordially invites the general public to attend its first memorial lecture in honor of the late Ms. Patricia J.A. Pantophlet on Friday June 2nd 2017 from 7pm to 9pm at the WIFOL building, Long Wall Road Great Bay.

The late Ms. Patricia J.A. Pantophlet was born on the beautiful island of Aruba and is regarded as one of Soualiga's most prominent women and leaders that left an indelible mark on the labor union movement and the wider society on St. Maarten.

Her focus spanned across many aspects of our national social and political development. Her contribution was instrumental in bringing about a level of dignity and respectability to laborers on the island and to some extent the wider Caribbean. Ms. Patricia J.A. Pantophlet suffered from Lupus for many years and became an ancestor on August 1st 2014.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten — On Thursday June 1st, 2017 Social & Health Insurances SZV launched its Simplified Customer Experiences campaign at its offices and online via SZV introduced the new service desks for Employers, Employees & Insured, Medical and Seniors & Benefits that come with new information resources and self-service tools based on identified customer needs. It was a celebration at the offices of SZV as customers were welcomed by hosts, received a briefing on the new services, directives and demonstrations of the online tools, each customer also received a goody bag filled with new information booklets and handy gadgets.

Over the past two years, SZV has dedicated itself to identifying the customer needs as it pertains to customer service. The results of customer feedback and several satisfaction surveys, including the most recent of 2016, indicated three main challenges for SZV in the area of customer service. These being; waiting time, information & communication and stakeholder collaboration.

“These challenges are continuously being addressed, as customers do testify that improvements have been made over the years. This is a very proud moment for us and we are sure that our customers will appreciate these new changes.”

The new service concept will kick-off a series of new developments within SZV that will improve the customer experience and introduce more hassle free contact options. Over the past months SZV staff has undergone a series of trainings to be able to adapt to the new dedicated service desks, offering the most full-service experience possible to customers. The motto here is ‘every customer helped’, where waiting time and back and forth is reduced as much as possible. The new online tools available via the website also enables customers with self-service options that will be useful for persons before they need to visit SZV and in some cases even eliminate the need to visit or call SZV. The majority of SZV’s procedures, required documentation and FAQ’s are outlined on the website based on the customer type or service type; Employers, Employees & Insured, Medical and Seniors & Benefits.

SIMPSON BAY, St. Maarten - Customer Service Mobile Academy, CSMA opened its doors on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 with their immersed, highly anticipated partnership with the Holland House. CSMA is a new, affiliate company that falls under the auspices of Training Professionals International Firm, (TPI) the leading training and development firm that has been a trail blazer in providing accredited trainings and professional development services to some of the biggest companies on the island and throughout the Caribbean.

On September 4 – 8, 2017 CSMA and the Holland House will provide diverse service industry professionals from an array of business sectors with a long-awaited opportunity. The two organizations will launch The First Annual St. Maarten Customer Service Week, hosted by and held at the Holland House. The Conference will offer attendees over 20 opportunities to receive accredited training certifications in Customer Service Excellence. The Conference Theme is, “Raising The Bar in Caribbean Customer Service Excellence.” The event will kick off with an evening reception on September 4 and conclude on Friday with a themed special dinner, both events will be open to the public.  

Dr. Gittens, President & CEO of CSMA stated in a recent press release. Customer Service Week “will not” exclude any business or organization on the island and surrounding islands. We are inviting everyone to attend and will offer four topics per day, starting at 9am -6pm. Our target audiences are employees from diverse service industries, not just Hospitality. We are confident that taxi drivers, bus drivers, salon personnel, airport employees, nail salons, hospital employees, SZV, TELEM, GEBE, Port employees, restaurant servers, bartenders, bakery staff, retail store personnel, car dealership personnel, insurance companies and tour industry staff will attend and many others.

Customer Service Excellence and raising the bar in St. Maarten and the Caribbean is a high priority CSMA. Our team recognized that there was a need for a company that focused specifically on Customer Service and TPI rose to the occasion by launching the Customer Service Mobile Academy, “Where we bring customer service excellence to the front door of organizations” conveniently and utilizing a mobile philosophy. As a country, we must be innovative in our thinking and think of ways to educate our people nontraditionally.

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