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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The Ad Hoc Committee of Integrity (AHCI), will meet on April 6, 2017.

The AHCI Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 10.00 am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg.

The agenda points to be discussed are:

1.  Approval Decision Lists Committee meetings Parliamentary Year 2015-2016 no. 05 and Parliamentary Year 2016-2017 no. 01 and 02

2.  Draft Code of Conduct Members of Parliament

 Members of the public are invited to the House of Parliament to attend parliamentary deliberations. 

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Island Gems Charity Foundation recently donated a quantity of non-perishable foods to Bishop Ellis Foundation for the Poor and Needy. The donation fits into the Gems’ mission of supporting social and community boosting actions. 
Bishop Ellis Foundation has a long list of clients who collect food stuff on a monthly basis to help tide them over in difficult times. This is not the first time the Gems have supports Bishop Ellis Foundation. 
The funds used to buy the food stuff come from the Gems annual gala dinner. This year’s costume dinner, themed “Fiesta,” will be held on Saturday in Captain Oliver’s restaurant. 

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Good morning to my colleague Ministers, members of the media, TV viewers and radio listeners and those viewing or listening by other means. As this is my first time in front of you I would like to read a prepared statement. Don’t worry, I won’t do this every press briefing.

Allow me first to express how honored and privileged I am to be standing here today, taking on great responsibilities in the service of the people of St. Maarten.

I would like to thank the Honorable Prime Minister for his patience and guidance in the process that has led to this moment and His Excellency the Governor of St. Maarten Drs. Eugene Holiday for his due diligence and his encouraging words during yesterday’s swearing in ceremony.

I would also like to thank the leader of the United St. Maarten Party the honorable MP Frans Richardson and the board of the USP for the faith and confidence to nominate me for this position. I am sure that we are all amazed at where the road following the Parliamentary elections has led. But as they say, everything happens for a reason.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Minister of Tourism, Economy, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) Mellissa Arrindell-Boasman on Wednesday introduced her cabinet to the public. This cabinet has been in place and working since the current government was sworn in on December 20, 2016. They have been operating under Acting Minister of TEATT Rafael Boasman,

 Minister Arrindell-Doncher’s cabinet is comprised of:

 Cecil Nicholas – Chief of Staff/Cabinet

Julian Lake – Senior Policy Advisor

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao This morning the National Investigation Team conducted three raids in connection with the bribery case of the MAN MP Yeal Plet. The raids took place at the house of former Prime Minister and current Member of Parliament for MFK, Gerrit Schotte and the house of former Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning Charles Cooper.

Plet filed a complaint about attempted bribery on February 22 this year.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Police Department is moving towards better serving the community of St. Maarten by improving their customer care department. This was evident Tuesday afternoon, when the department officially opened the newly renovated lobby at the Philipsburg police station.

An initiative of Community Police Officer, Inspector Felix Richards in collaboration with Nagico, the entrance to the police station is now designed to accommodate and welcome persons to the station in a friendlier atmosphere.

 The project was sponsored in part by the St. Maarten Indian Merchants, the Foundation of the Seven Day Advance Church, the Chamber of Commerce, the Harbor, Designer Choice, Ace and Office World, among other establishments on the island.

On Hand for the opening of the Project Customer Friendly Upgrade ceremony were among other invited guests, the Minister of Justice, the Honorable Raphael Boasman and the Chief Commissioner of Police, Carl John.

During a ceremony to marking the occasion, CPO Inspector Richards told attendees to the event that he was motivated to have the project done, after walking into the police station and realizing that the atmosphere was not conducive to welcoming people, especially those coming to file a complaint.

He remarked: “if people are coming here for service for whatever issues or maybe, being the victim of a crime, I believe the prior condition at the entrance of the station would add more to whatever problem they were already facing.”  

According to officer Richards, the whole idea is that we want to improve our service to the community. “We have a Chief Commissioner of Police, who kept on reminding us that he wants to create and build a five star police station, and I think we are living in a modern time with modern technology and we have to work towards that,” he lamented.  

The Inspector of Police also had lots of praise for Nagico and the many sponsors as well.

Meanwhile, Minister of the Justice, the Honorable Raphael Boasman congratulated the police force on the upgrade to the entrance.

According to him, meetings were held sometime ago with several organizations in the community, at which time, commitments were made to working together in assisting the police force and the community in upgrading the police.

Great Bay, St. Maarten - readings at two literary festivals in Italy last weekend.

The St. Martin writer was a guest of the 10th annual International Literature Festival of Venice and the 12th edition of Poetry Vicenza. According to Calderaro, “thunder” referred to Sekou’s powerful reading in Venice on the morning of March 31.

The Santa Margherita Auditorium was filled with some 250 people for the recital that started at 11 am. For nearly two hours the audience was presented with literary readings by authors Jeffrey Wainwright (UK) and Lasana M. Sekou (St. Martin); lyrical poetry by poet/violinist Michele Gazich (Italy); and bluesy stylings by poet/musician Eric Andersen (USA).

Poems by Wainwright and Sekou were also read in Italian in the theater. Sekou’s “Great Salt Pond Speaks” drew a prolonged applause following its performance. Calderaro had explained the poem in her Italian introduction of the Caribbean poet.

PHILLIPSBURG, St. Maarten -  N.V. GEBE is putting customers first and has launched a new campaign, “GEBE PUTTING YOU FIRST!” The campaign launched on April 1, 2017 and the primary purpose is to ensure that all valued GEBE customers understand their service options, receive information on the new automated billing system and process, encourage customers to enroll online to pay, view bills and to pick up their GEBE Customer Care Card. GEBE is working diligently to inform their customers proactively on the changes that will be effective on May 1, 2017.

 The “GEBE PUTTING YOU FIRST “campaign will include awareness with diverse commercials coupled with community events and consistent information in the media to get all GEBE customers up to speed. GEBE wants to help customers feel positive about the new changes and initiated the launch to give everyone the opportunity to understand their new services. 

One big change is, since last year GEBE has been transitioning old meters to new digital meters. Currently there are new digital meters being installed daily so the process is steadfast and ongoing. 

 All customers residing in current digital meter areas are now on the new automated GEBE Billing system. Those customers will no longer receive a “white slip,” GEBE’s notification of disconnection.  The automated system will automatically disconnect service without notice.  The automated system will continue to issue a 5.00 NAF onetime charge 1 day after the due date for both water and electricity combined. 

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Philipsburg Jubilee Library in collaboration with the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) will be launching their brand new collection of over 50 Health books for the range of ages and a display of a life-size model of a human torso with exposed and removable organs; a brain model, a heart model; and a life-size human skeleton that has been graciously donated to the community to show cased the library. This event will be held on Saturday 8th April, 2017 from11am to 12.45pm.

Collaboration was initiated with the library and AUC service- learning and Community Affairs since 2015, to support children’s learning about the body and health.

Students of the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine have developed lessons and activities based on the Organwise curriculum from the library’s collection and have provided 3 sessions 6 times per semester year.

“Organwise” is children-centered, educational program about healthy eating habits and taking care of your body. The program was introduced to St. Maarten in 2012 by Collective Prevention Services (CPS) as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle at a young age. The project includes the usage of puppets, made up of various organs in the body, to teach children of all ages what it means to live smart and healthy from the inside out. Introductory lessons about the program were given at primary and afternoon school since April 14th, 2014.

POND ISLAND, St. Maarten TelEm Group’s Outside Plant (OSP) has announced that it will be carrying out an important feeder cable repair Wednesday morning that will cause service interruptions to customers in and around the Zagersgut Road and Mary’s Fancy areas.

The work will begin 7:00 am Wednesday morning (April 5th) and is scheduled to be completed by 1:00 pm the dame day.

The areas affected will be: Tassel Rd – (Zagersgut Rd) and A.Th. Illidge Road (from the Shell Gas station) to the Today Newspaper (Walter Nisbeth Road) Also affected will be Mary Fancy including, Gladiola Road, Carnation Road and Coralita Road.

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