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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs Mellissa Arrindell-Doncher on Tuesday announced that phase two of the Backstreet resurfacing project got underway on Monday, July 24.
Contractor Windward Roads started the work in the area of the Kadaster. The work will entail asphalting the remaining part of Backstreet and will be exceuted during normal working hours, moving from alley to alley.

WILLEMSTAD - "This verdict must scare our community. It shows how the Justice system has power over the people of Curaçao, those who do not fit the system that the Dutch want for this country.”

This is according to former Prime Minister and MFK leader Gerrit Schotte after the verdict of the Court of Appeal in the Babel case. Schotte was once again sentenced to three years in prison. Also, he may not be a candidate for parliament for five years. His life partner Cicely van der Dijs received fifteen months in prison, six of which were conditional.

Previously, she was sentenced to 18 months. Together with their lawyer Marije Vaders, Schotte and Van der Dijs replied both filed their papers to take their case to Supreme Court in the Netherlands. They swore to keep fighting until the end.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - A small  but appreciative group of mainly DP members paid tribute to the late Dr. A. "Claude" Wathey,  as the present DP  leader and the party's VP laid a wreath at Wathey's statue in Philipsburg on July 24, the day of his birth.
DP, this time around was the sole organization at this venue during the annual observance of Wathey's birthday. In her brief remarks to those gathered to observe the occasion, MP Wescot reminded those present of the late Wathey's indelible mark on our island's development.

COLE BAY, St. Maarten - Exercise is the Key to Healthy Aging For those 60+, your current physical condition can benefit from exercise. Join the More Movement for the Elderly by participating in the next activity on Friday,

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Minister responsible for Telecommunication Affairs Mellissa Arrindell Doncher recently met with officials from Huawei Technologies to explore possibilities of establishing wifi solutions for cruise visitors in collaboration with local providers. The meeting was strictly exploratory in nature, in which the Minister sought and Huawei offered advice.

The meeting was held during the recently held CANTO conference in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The Minister also used the meeting to learn about what the technological advancements are at this time.

During the meeting, which included representatives of the Bureau Telecommunication & Post St. Maarten, Head of the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau (STB) Rolando Brison made a presentation about how STB envisions Huawei working with telecom companies locally and internationally like Huawei, underscored by STB's information about the most crucial needs that tourists have asked for over the years.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - On Monday, July 24, 2017 Ambassador of India to Venezuela and Consul General of India to Sint Maarten,

POND ISLAND, St. Maarten - The University of St. Martin recently celebrated its 23rd commencement ceremony at the Maho Beach Resort with a total of 37 proud graduates. Amongst the graduates, a total of 12 teachers from the Bachelors of Elementary Education will be proudly starting their years in new schools across the island. Ms. Sharon Freiburg, former Division Head of the Education program supported the students from the very beginning of their studies. The educator ensured that the group was prepared and skillful to take their careers to the next step.

In their continuous effort to contribute to an educated citizenry, the students shared their personal experience of their time at the USM.

Below are a few statements that the proud graduates wanted to share.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Association for Psychologists and Allied Professionals Sint Maarten (APAP SXM) is reaching out through a Facebook page to improve communication and awareness in our community.

APAP SXM is an association that has been established over a year ago. It strives to promote the practice and professional development of psychology and related fields. It also focuses on serving the social and professional interests of psychologists and related professionals. To achieve these objectives, the association provides intervision meetings for professionals. It also maintains relationships with related professionals and stakeholders. Furthermore, it looks forward to keeping the community involved and aware about developments in the field of psychology here on Sint Maarten.

The foundation’s board consists of President Jolien Louwerse (psychologist at Mental Health Foundation),vice-president Stephanie Haseth (psychologist at Mental Health Foundation), secretary Zuleima Violenus (psychologist at SVOBE) and treasurer Miranda Veltman (independent psychologist). Further members are Alexandra van Luijken (independent psychologist), Carmencita Chemont (independent psychologist), Caroline van Oost (psychologist at White & Yellow Cross), and Henriette Schreurs (educational psychologist at SVOBE). Extra-ordinary members are Cheryl Ferero (child & adolescent psychiatrist) and Stephen Ebecilio (visiting neuropsychologist from Curacao).

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The Collective Preventive Services (CPS), a government department under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, says daily intermittent rainfall creates mosquito breeding opportunities, and therefore, every household and business enterprise needs to continue taking proactive measures to prevent mosquitos from breeding. 

Be on the alert for mosquito breeding sites and eliminate them especially after every rainfall event!

Actively destroy or dispose of tin cans, old tires, buckets, unused plastic swimming pools or other containers that collect and hold water. Do not allow water to accumulate in the saucers of flowerpots, cemetery urns/vases or in pet dishes for more than two days.  Throw out the water and turn them over every time it collects water.

Maintain ‘screen off cistern outlets,’ covers and screen off septic tanks properly, and screen windows and doors.

An increase in the mosquito population puts residents and visitors at risk for a mosquito borne disease.

PORT ST. MAARTEN – On Monday, July 24, Port St. Maarten Management and Staff laid a wreath at the statue of the late Dr. Claude Wathey in front of the Cruise Terminal Building on the occasion of his 91st birthday.

The country’s seaport – Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise & Cargo Facility - is named after Wathey who has been described as the ‘father of the nation,’ overseeing the economic development of the country over a 40-year period.

The vision of Port St. Maarten is to lead in the Caribbean through quality service and operational excellence while providing a safe and secure environment for the ports customers and the people of the country.

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