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POND ISLAND, St. Maarten - On March 11 to 14, 2018, Sint Maarten will be home to the first International Conference on Small Island States (SIDS) and Subnational Island Jurisdictions (SNIJs). The conference will be hosted by USM in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability of the University of Prince Edward Island (Canada).

The organizing committee is proud to announce that they secured the Dr. Peter Clegg as one of the international keynote speakers for the conference. Dr. Clegg is one of the most eminent scholars in the fields of governance and development of non-independent territories and small states in the international system, with a particular focus on the Caribbean. His work spans disciplines like political science, economics, development studies and international relations. He (co-)authored books such as “The non-independent territories of the Caribbean and Pacific: Continuity or change?” and “Colonial trajectories in the Caribbean: The three Guianas”, as well as dozens of articles in academic journals.

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten – Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a department within the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, calls on the nation to eliminate hepatitis, a viral infection that affects 400 million people worldwide, over 10 times the number of people infected with HIV.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. The condition can be self-limiting or can progress to fibrosis (scarring), cirrhosis or liver cancer. Hepatitis viruses are the most common cause of hepatitis in the world but other infections, toxic substances (e.g. alcohol, certain drugs), and autoimmune diseases can also cause hepatitis.

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten – On Saturday, August 5 the Collective Prevention Service (CPS) and the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) in collaboration with St. Maarten Laboratory Services (SLS), are inviting the public to a zika sero-prevalence study screening.

AUC medical students will draw blood during the screening which will be carried out between 9.00am to 3.00pm. The screening is free and there is no need to register.  Come out and get tested.

The screening will take place at the Vineyard Office Park Building in Philipsburg at the CPS, a department in the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (Ministry VSA).

POND ISLAND, St. Maarten – TelEm Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, is advising “caution” to an idea coming out of a recently concluded telecommunication conference in the Dominican Republic, that St. Maarten can enhance its telecommunication services to residents and visitors by offering free Wi-Fi throughout the island.

The idea was put forward by Minister of TEATT, Melissa Arrindell-Doncher during the recently ended 33rd annual Conference and Trade Exhibition of CANTO, in the Dominican Republic, and repeated in at least one online media outlet this week.

“I am all for making telecommunication services affordable for TelEm Group customers, however I cannot see how we can benefit by offering free wi-fi “spots” to the millions of visitors who come to the island each year, who are currently paying for this service,” said Mr. Dupersoy.

He said when the matter was discussed during a meeting with a well-known international vendor who can provide the infrastructure needed, he immediately expressed his concerns. He further offered to meet with the Minister when both returned home, to find ways of working together to make costs affordable without affecting the company’s bottom line.

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten – Saturday, August 05, the breast abnormalities and health screening will continue.  The screenings target audience are women 18+ years of age.  The screening is carried out between 9.00am to 2.30pm. 

The screenings take place at the Vineyard Office Park Building in Philipsburg at the Collective Preventive Services (CPS), a department in the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (Ministry VSA).

CPS is one of three stakeholders which includes the Positive Foundation, and the American University of the Caribbean (AUC), the latter, is lead research agency.

To participate in the screening activity which is free, you can make an appointment by calling 545-2298 extension 404-2242.  You can also email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Breast screenings will be carried out by an AUC physician; health screenings by AUC medical students and includes height, weight, vision, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure measurements.

There will also be an educational lecture on risk factors and a clinical presentation about breast cancer.

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten – In connection with World Breastfeeding Week 2017 that will be observed globally from August 1 to 7, the Collective Prevention Service (CPS), a department in the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, the Department of Labour has organized its 3rd Annual Breastfeeding Photo Contest.

A notice about the contest was published at the beginning of July.  Those who would like to participate in the contest can still do so up until and including August 7.

You can enter by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,that includes your name, telephone number, description of photo and why you chose to breast feed; one image of yourself and your baby breastfeeding.

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten – Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is advising the country’s economic mainstay, the tourism sector and business community, to review hurricane plans in preparation for the peak period of the 2017 hurricane season which runs from August 15 through October 15.

The tourism sector, business community and also residents are advised to pay keen attention to weather reports with special focus on the Eastern Atlantic Ocean where tropical weather systems that form off the African Coast (Cape Verde Islands) can become a serious threat to the Eastern Caribbean island chain. 

At this stage of the hurricane season, tourism-oriented businesses including vacation rental management companies should have plans already in place. 

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - The station ship in the Caribbean, Zr.Ms. Zealand, is back at sea to carry out its mission. After a period of 12 days Parera naval base in Curacao, where a successful repair is committed to the starboard main canal diesel, the ship is again ready to carry out patrols in cooperation with the Coast Guard.

After Zr.Ms. Zeeland crossing the Atlantic had its electric motors, the backup of the main canal diesels have extensive inspections and repairs occurred at the main propulsion. The repairs were carried out not only by the crew of the ship, but also by the Department of Conservation Material Den Helder, entirely in the lean manning 'business concept' Ocean Going Patrol Vessel (OPV). There was also support for the naval base Parera and the Department of Conservation Material Caribbean.

WILLEMSTAD - The Netherlands is again conducting a 'political process' in Curaçao. That was the statement of the lawyer of Emsley Tromp, the director of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, on Tuesday.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, Tromp has committed tax fraud and "the country of Curaçao" has been affected by about almost 3 million dollars.

The court session of Tuesday was a so-called pro forma session. The substantive treatment of the charge against Tromp (57), who has been in charge of the Central Bank for a quarter of a century, will be discussed later. Nevertheless, Tromp's lawyer Niels van der Laan spoke in his preliminary defense of "huge interests" in the case.

PHILIPSBURG, Willemstad - Francesco Corallo’s legal team is of the opinion that he has been “tortured” by the judicial authorities and “forced” to repeal his appeal with the High Court in The Hague against his extradition to Italy.

Due to his age and vulnerable health situation Corallo could no longer endure the “torture” and was forced to choose for his own wellbeing, his lawyer Eldon “Peppie” Sulvaran said in a reaction.

Sulvaran referred to a 2015 report by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment CPT, which was very critical of the police cells, in which Corallo has been detained for more than seven months already.

“The internationally acknowledged CPT has indicated that no man should be allowed to be detained in these cells for more than three days, and in any case no longer than ten days. Corallo has already been detained in these cells for 224 days, and still counting. Also in 2017, the detention situation has not improved.”

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