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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The SMMTA (Sint Maarten Marine Trades Association) and the SHTA (Sint Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association) are thankful to Minister Boasman and members of his ministry for working in a swift and transparent manner with relevant stakeholders and government departments to ensure that the immigration issues for crew members of commercial and private vessels are being resolved to reduce and hopefully eliminate any further hindrance to the industry.

Members of the SMMTA and the SHTA met with Minister Boasman and the appropriate members of the Justice Ministry on several occasions last week to discuss the concerns and procedural issues raised by changes and proposed changes to the admittance policy for crew members. As a result, a temporary policy was issued on Friday March 2, 2017 to replace the policy issued February 24, 2017. Administrative procedures are still being streamlined to facilitate compliance.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Ministry of General Affairs hereby informs the general public that the building that houses the Civil Registry and the Receivers Office will be closed until Monday March 13th. An extensive cleanup of the building will take place following the discovery of an unpleasant odor on Wednesday morning. The Fire Department along with staff of the Ministry of VROMI assessed the situation and has ruled out any possible electrical or fire damage.

The Receivers Office will be closed to the general public during the cleanup and reopen its operations on Monday March 13th.

The Civil Registry Department will open on Thursday, Friday March 9th & 10th, and operate from the Marriage Hall section of the building and render a “Pick up Service” for persons that have already paid for services earlier and can provide proof of payment for their documents. Persons are also required to bring their previous or expired document when coming for “pick up”.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends for international travellers to get a yellow fever vaccination if traveling to Espirito Santo State, Brazil.

As of 3 March 2017, yellow fever virus transmission continues to expand towards the Atlantic coast of Brazil in areas not deemed to be at risk for yellow fever transmission prior to the revised risk assessment published on the Event Information Site (EIS) on 26 January 2017, and supported by the scientific and technical advisory group on geographical yellow fever risk mapping (GRYF).

Taking into account the speed of spread observed in Espirito Santo State, the proximity to the urban area of Vitoria of epizootics and human cases under investigation for yellow fever infection, as well as the implementation of yellow fever vaccination campaign in the State of Espirito Santo as a whole, the WHO Secretariat has determined that the State of Espirito Santo in its entirety should be considered at risk for yellow fever transmission.

Therefore, vaccination against yellow fever is recommended for international travellers visiting any area in Espirito Santo State.

ORANJESTADDuring his working visit in Aruba, Prime Minister of St. Maarten, the Honourable Mr. William Marlin, and the rest of the St. Maarten delegation attended the 15th OCT-EU Forum. The core objective of this forum was to bring together the OCT Authorities with their Member State, members from the European Commission, members from the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank (EIB), and when appropriate as in this case, members of the Outermost Regions and other Regional Organizations for dialogue.

During the Forum, the Joint Position on the guiding principles of the post 2020 EU-OCT partnership and Political Declarations of the OCTA Ministerial Conference the previous day, were presented to the European Commission.

A panel was also convened at the political level where the the Honourable Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Mr. William Marlin took part in the discussion on Renewable Energy: A Key Driver for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth along with representatives from eight other global OCTs.

ORANJESTAD - On their recent working visit to Aruba, Prime Minister of St. Maarten, the Honourable Mr. William Marlin, the Minister Plenipotentiary, Mrs. Henrietta Doran-York, the Secretary General of the Ministry of General Affairs, Mr. Hensley Plantijn, and the rest of the St. Maarten delegation attended the 15th Overseas Countries and Territories Association, OCTA, Ministerial Conference. The Ministerial Conference is OCTA’s highest body. The objective of the conference was to define policies, approve the 2017 budget and elect the Chair of the Ministerial Conference as well as members and the President of the Executive Committee.

During the Conference OCT leaders were given the opportunity to discuss various topics affecting OCTs such as the post 2020 EU-OCT relationship, the OCTA Secretariat and the Institutional strengthening of the Association. Prime Minister Marlin signed the Joint Position for the post 2020 period on behalf of Sint Maarten. This position paper was signed by all OCTs with the exception to Curacao and co-signed by the member states of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, The Kingdom of Denmark, the French Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. By signing this joint position the signatories agree upon 10 guiding principles of moving forward in establishing the post 2020 relationship.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - On this International Women’s Day, I would like to wish all women and girls a Happy International Women’s Day, especially the women of St. Martin. St. Martin is also historically known as Oualichi, which means Land of Strong Women. The women of our land are also indeed strong. I must honor all women of influence, women in leadership in our homes, schools, churches, in the community and in government for the role they play in raising and shaping our tiny island nation.

Being the only female Minister amongst the men, I am deeply honored to be a woman, one of Oualichi descent, proud to be your voice and represent you - to bring the woman's perspective to the floor. All women are to be honored, but I would like to honor the women who contribute to the lives of everyone they come in contact with on a daily; those are mothers, caretakers, teachers, providers and nurturers.

On this 8th day of March in 2017, we as women must assess where we were, what it took to arrive here, where we are today and where we want to be 50 years from now.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The Fire Department, is advising persons living in the Philipsburg and surrounding areas downwind from the landfill fire, to close windows and doors, especially persons who have a respiratory challenge, and for persons who suffer from asthma, shortness of breath, or any other respiratory challenges.

CAY HILL, St. Maarten - On Saturday March 4th, The Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School in Cay Hill came alive with 65 leaders and aspiring leaders ranging from 13 to 70 years who eagerly and thankfully digested the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell, facilitated by certified John Maxwell Coach, Nelson Els.

Victorious Living Foundation, who hosted this transformational leadership workshop and mastermind, is pleased with the growing interest among the St. Martin populace to increase their leadership capacity. Although sixty five persons were in attendance, seventy seven persons registered for the event. From observations and invited comments, each attendee shared how tremendous the workshop was and how it impacted their lives positively. One attendee, who came to the workshop from Antigua, was excited about the wisdom nuggets she received that have propelled her to be even more passionate about her pre-school. Moreover, the setting of the workshop at the Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School in Cay Hill has helped her to believe in the power of her dreams to see her school become the best school in Antigua.

Victorious Living has embarked upon a leadership transformation movement on St. Martin which began five years ago with the introduction of Leadercast Live, the biggest one-day leadership event in the world with the most world renowned speakers. The amazing turn out, high energy and passion of the attendees at the leadership workshop, who included Victorious Living’s Leader Worth Following Awards 2016 recipients, Dr. Alicia Liverpool, CEO of the David Company and Mrs. Asha Stevens, Managing Director of the Asha Stevens Hillside Christian Schools, demonstrate to Victorious Living’s visionary, Dr. Erna Mae Francis-Cotton that the leadership landscape on St. Martin is being transformed.

CAY HILL, St. Maarten - On Friday March 10th from 2 PM to 5 PM and Saturday March 11 2017 from 10 AM to 1 PM MHF will team up with Ms. Julie Alcin to host an arts & craft workshop.

Julie Alcin has been instrumental in trying to raise awareness for mental health and to do this she came up with a project called “Letters of May”. Letters of May will be publishing artwork (writing, letters, poets, drawings and paintings) to allow persons that deal with or have dealt with mental health to tell their story in way that spreads hope, educates, and help put an end to stigma. This project has the following goals; raising awareness for mental health, giving hope to those that struggle with mental health, showing how it is to live with mental health, helping putting an end to the stigma on mental health and educating others on mental health.

The event is sponsored by SXM DOET, and therefore, materials, food and drinks will be provided, interested participants are asked to bring your creative mind and spirit.

If transportation is a problem, the MHF will try to organize some pick-ups and drop-offs, you are kindly requested to let us know within a timely manner if you want to be picked up and/or dropped off by the MHF bus (by calling 5421677 extension 507 or 515).

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Advisory Committee of the Euan McFarlane Environmental Leadership Award of the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (Grantor) is pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Tadzio Bervoets in recognition of his important work as a dedicated and passionate Caribbean conservationist.

Recipients of the McFarlane Award are recognized to be persons who have applied themselves to the preservation of the natural or built environment on one or more of the small islands of the Caribbean and whose career or avocation demonstrates an appreciation of and support for the advancement of environmental stewardship and balanced development in the Caribbean. The Committee believes that presentation of the McFarlane Award to Mr. Bervoets (for the amount of $1,000) will boost conservation efforts in St. Maarten and promote recognition of the challenges faced by the region. 

Mr. Bervoets was nominated by colleagues, who highlighted his policy and management skills and experience as demonstrated at local, national, and regional levels. Mr. Bervoets has both created and revitalized environmental institutions in St. Maarten, including the Ocean Care Foundation, the St. Maarten Nature Federation, the Reef Check Program in St. Maarten, and the Sea Scouts Program to teach local children about the marine environment.

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