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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - On Saturday March 25th police officers Sharetti Hooi and Lavell Wilson executed their project called “Turning the page”. This project was inspired by their fallen colleague Gamali Benjamin who lost his life in the line of duty and is being guided by the C.P.O. Inspector Helen Romeo. The project location is the crossing of Arch road/ Soualiga road next to Johnnies 2 Supermarket.

This location, on which two containers are placed, and on which the following words are pray painted; “R.I.P. Gamali how life turn out to be. We sorry”, was chosen to be where the project would start.

The plan of action by the two officers was to have this graffiti removed and replaced with something attractive and positive. It is with great cooperation from external partners such as Mr. Joclyn Arrindell, Mr. Leroy La Paix along with his daughter and friend, Mr. Eugene Heyliger and son, Mr. Rafael Arridell, Mr. Zabion Arrindell, management of Johnnie’s 2 Super, the Department of VROMI and other volunteers, that these two containers were painted on Saturday March 25th.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), announces that paint works will take place on Sucker Garden Road on Tuesday, March 28.

Filling in of pot holes on the road in the vicinity of the entrance to Belair Hotel will also take place on Tuesday.

There will be a partial road closure for both.

The works will take place from 9.00am to 12.00pm

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - In light of the recent scandal in Brazil which emerged last Friday after Brazil's national police announced the findings of a two-year investigation, many countries have banned importation of Brazilian meat products. Practices of two of the giant meatpackers - JBS and BRF remain under investigation as a result of allegations that they had been selling rotten, contaminated and  substandard products for several years. Authorities have reported that the companies used chemicals to improve the appearance and smell of expired meats, and that meat processing plants allegedly paid off inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture to turn a blind-eye to their actions.

Up to this moment, the Inspectorate on St. Maarten cannot obtain comprehensive information in this regard, and therefore for safety purposes, has recommended that wholesalers, retailers (mini- and supermarkets), and any food establishment that have imported meat and meat products from any of the companies under suspicion, and have these products for sale are instructed not to serve these products to the public and must remove these products from the shelves effective immediately. The public should avoid consuming meat product originating out of Brazil and remain vigilant. Read the labeling on meat packaging when making purchases in order to identify where the meat product has originated from. For example, canned meat such as corn beef that was packaged in Brazil should not be consumed.

Furthermore, the Inspectorate has imposed a temporary ban on all imports of Brazilian meat products and poultry meat from the companies highlighted in the Brazilian ‘rotten meat’ scandal with immediate effect. The ban will be implemented in collaboration with the Department of Economics (TEZVT) and will be lifted depending on developments in Brazil.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten  –  The St. Maarten Lions Club donated a check of US$1,200 to the St. Maarten Diabetes Foundation which enabled them to purchase the costly cholesterol strips which were used for all persons visiting the Diabetes Foundation Booth at the recently concluded Lion Rudy Hoeve Health & Wellness Fair on Saturday March 25th, 2017.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Philipsburg Jubilee Library in collaboration with Repairers of Broken Walls International Community; Mrs. Napolina Richardson, will be presenting under the Power of Knowledge Series 2017, “Business Planning.” This information event will be held on Thursday 30th March, 2017, from 7.15 -8.45 pm. Our Guest speaker will be Mr. Edsel Gumbs.

Edsel Gumbs holds a Bachelor’s Degree (UOC) and Associate (USM) in Business Management & Marketing, winner of St. Maarten’s Chambers of Commerce business plan writing competition 2016, and has been recognized as “ Man of the year 2016” for his services by ROTERACT.

Repairers of Broken Walls International Community (ROBWIC) is a humanitarian organization that was founded in St. Maarten in 2010 with the purpose to serve communities and uplift people wherever there is a need and provides other training initiatives.

Through its Power of Knowledge Series, the library hopes to bring awareness and trainings through various subject matters and to empower the community of St. Maarten. Our joint objective being to share information that would stimulate entrepreneurship within our community and educate the public on writing business plans.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), announces that there will be a complete road closure at the intersection Walter J.A. Nisbeth Road/Percy Labega on Sunday, March 26 as road crews continue to paint traffic lines on the newly paved road surface.

The complete closure will take place from 7.00am to 5.00pm.  The project entails painting of the traffic lines on the road surface.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – Worldwide, Tuberculosis (TB) along with HIV is the leading causes of death among infectious diseases.  Each year 1.4 million people die from this disease.

With the slogan “Unite to end tuberculosis,” the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), is promoting efforts so that together we will tackle TB by stamping out poverty; together we will better test, treat, and cure; together we will stop discrimination and stigma; and together we will drive research and innovation.

TB is caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) that most often affect the lungs. Tuberculosis is curable and preventable.

TB is spread from person to person through the air. When people with lung TB cough, sneeze or spit, they propel the TB germs into the air. A person needs to inhale only a few of these germs to become infected.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - As a tribute and in recognition of their beloved and late colleague Annick Arrindell, who became well known to many because of her traffic regulating skills, as she stood many early weekday mornings at the intersection of Zagersgut road and Coralita road to help regulate the very heavy flow of traffic coming from the Sint Peters and Reward areas into Philipsburg, four members of the Police Management Team has decided that they will go out on Monday morning March 27th and take part in regulating the traffic coming from those areas.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – In commemoration of World Oral Health Day, celebrated on March 20th, the Department of Collective Prevention Services (CPS) kicked off the events program with an outreach activity for clients of the Sr. Basilia Center, White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, located in St. Johns.

The theme for this year is “Live Mouth Smart”. The committee organizing the celebration has developed a week long schedule of activities, starting at the Sr. Basilia Center.

For the 2nd day the closing and award ceremony of a coloring competition for toddlers and their parents was on schedule, while on the 3rd day an outreach at the Afternoon program of the No Kidding with our Kids Foundation ASA took place.

For this year, CPS decided to pay special attention to special needs groups like the clients of Sr. Basilia Center and patients of the Mental Health Foundation.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - “I understand and share the community’s outrage and frustration with the frequent fires at the dump. Clearly the situation is unacceptable and negatively affecting our children, our elderly, and the entire population of St. Maarten. Based on conversations with Minister Christophe Emmanuel, I believe that he and his Department are working diligently to provide a definitive and structural interim and long-term solution to waste management. The continuous burning of the Dump is a serious public health hazard, is concern for the community and the entire Council of Ministers”, stated Minister Emil Lee.

The Department of Collective Prevention Services has made contact with PAHO or Pan American Health Organization (  for technical support on finalizing the short-term & long-term solution. The request for support from PAHO is threefold:

1) The immediate request is to advise on specific details to be included in a new terms of reference for a Landfill Manager, to guarantee adequate management, taking the Public Health into perspective and not only the management of the physical situation of a landfill.

2) The intermediate request is for PAHO to support Sint Maarten to initiate a dialogue on Integrated Waste Management that can contribute to proper waste management on Sint Maarten on the long term.

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