Coastguard signs SAR LOI with Haiti

CARIBBEAN - The Dutch Caribbean Coastguard (DCCG) signed a Letter of Intention (LOI) on November 10 with Haiti concerning search and rescue (SAR). Besides investigative tasks, such as counter-narcotics, DCCG also has an assistance tasks.

She performs this task in a large Search and Rescue (SAR) area north of the ABC Islands. This SAR area borders to the SAR areas of other countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the United States. With many of these countries there are already treaties such as Memoranda of Understanding Standings.

The Coast Guard has been negotiating with Haiti since early this year to sign a similar treaty with them. Now the DCCG and the Haitian SAR organization (Office National de L'Aviation Civile) have come to an agreement. Among other things,  In a Letter of Intention (LOI) agreements have been made on mutual assistance in incidents and emergencies at sea and also conducting joint exercises. With Jamaica there are similar negotiations going on.


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