Coast Guard holds two more illegals

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao - The Caribbean Coastguard (KWCARIB) on the night of Monday 22 to Tuesday, August 23 again detained a vessel with two Venezuelans. They are suspected to have brought people illegally into the country.

Monday night at around midnight the radar operator of the Rescue and Coordination Centre of the Coast Guard detected a suspicious contact on radar southeast of Curacao.

A unit that is currently at the southwestern coast and that was on patrol, was immediately deployed. About a mile south of Jan Thiel Bay they found an unlit vessel type yola that again return to the south.

They were ordered to stop, but did not respond to this. There was a chase, after which the yola was intercepted after a short period of time. The two crew members tried to leave and sink the vessel, but it was the quick action of one of the coast guards who jump on board and prevented the sinking.

The yola called the 'Génesis Jose' was brought to the Coast Guard Station in Parera. Both crew members with Venezuelan nationality were transferred to the police and the case is under investigation along with the Coast Guard.

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In the picture: the suspects are handed over to the Police.

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