Five sailors rescued from sinking ship

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao - The Caribbean Coastguard (KWCARIB) received on Monday, June 13th around 10:00 am notified that a Venezuelan boat, the "Virginia" had engine problems.

The boat was located about five miles south of the port of Barcadera, Aruba.

A Super-RHIB from the coastguard station on Aruba was sent to provide assistance. After a search in the specified area, the vessel was found around 11:50 pm.

Upon further investigation, the commander of the Super-RHIB decided not to tow the vessel as it was overloaded with about 2,000 kilos of copper. The five crew members were taken on board and transported to the port of Barcadera.

Because the remaining vessel constituted a danger to shipping, the Rescue and Coordination Centre of the Coast Guard had sent a message with a warning to ships south of Aruba.

Around 13:00 the agency of the 'Virginia' along with the captain boat 'Don Fonseca' was asked to drag the 'Virginia'.

Super-RHIB also assisted them with guidance and to ensure that the boat was carried out safely. Upon arriving at the "Virginia", they tried to drag them, but with negative results and the boat threatened to sink.

Under the direction of the commander of the Super-RHIB they took the crew of the 'Don Fonseca'.

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