Businessman Francesco Corallo loses battle against extradition. Court rules that extradition is permissible.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The court of Appeal decided this afternoon that the extradition of Francesco Corrallo (1960) is permissible.

The desicion was taken after a request by Italy on January 12 th, 2017 for his extradition.

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0 #1 Left behind 2017-06-21 08:14
The Dutch got the news on who this businessman hire to work for him in his casinos on St Maarten. "Lets say they smell the coffee". If you are a St Maarten native and especially a young St Maarten male, forget job for you. Only if you where highly recommended by a friend of a friend you might stand a chance. Some of his foreign employees gets rewarded with six or more contracts consecutively, while the native St Maarten are being terminated after one or two contracts. When the foreigner contract is coming to an end, he make sure they get a job at one of his other casinos on the island. In all of his casinos around the world, the natives of that country get hired first. But in St Maarten it is the other way around. We are left behind while they reap what we sow. These employees can go back to their country on a vacation every year, while the St Maarten native have to go and sit on the block and wait for the labor department monthly allowance.

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