The Caribbean Coastguard (KWCARIB) a vessel detained seven undocumented near Aruba on Tuesday evening May 9th.

NETHERLANDS IN THE CARIBBEAN - Tues dagavond around 22:40 hours, the radar operator of the Rescue Coordination Center and Coast Guard detected a suspicious contact on radar south and Baby Beach, Aruba. Two Super-RHIB eenhe the coast guard bases Aruba, and was used right.

Tweeëneen about half a mile south of Baby Beach, they found an unlit vessel type to yola. This has been found by the crew of the Super-RHIB ge-board and here that the seven crew members had no valid residence permit. The boat was applied to it to the fulcrum to Savaneta.

All passengers, five were transferred to Venezolaanse-, one with and one Ecuadoriaanse- with Colombian nationality to the Warda Nos Costa that the case is still under investigation along with the Coast Guard. The master of the vessel is held for human beings. The boat was seized.

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