Customs confiscate Cocaine and Marijuana

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Over the past weeks The Customs Department confiscated approximately 40 kilos of cocaine and 320 kilos of marijuana.

On Thursday, March 30th Custom Officers at the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) confiscated approximately 35 kilos of cocaine hidden in two separate hand bags in the service panel compartment onboard the AirFrance outbound flight. 

The investigation is still ongoing. No arrests have been at the moment.

On Saturday, April 8th Custom Officers at the Princes Juliana airport again confiscated four (4) packages of cocaine weighing approximately 5 kilos on board the AirCanada flight.

The packages were hidden in one of the toilet cabinets onboard the AirCanada outbound flight.

Two suspects with the initials S.L.B and C.A.D. both Canadian nationals have been arrested. Both persons have been taken in custody as the investigation proceeds.

During a routine control on Monday, April 10th Customs at the Point Blanche Harbour confiscated  approximately 320 kilos of marijuana packed in 14 boxes in a container.

Upon opening the container which originated from Jamaica, the officers did a thorough search of the container.

The assistance of the Justice K-9 was called in to confirm that there were no more drugs hidden in other areas in the container.

Due to the ongoing investigations, further information cannot be released at this moment.

Customs will intensify their controls at the airport and harbor facilities during the carnival season.

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0 #1 Hmmm 2017-04-12 12:01
Thursday March 30th? Really? Was these bags tagged? who worked ticket counter/check in? Or who worked baggage handling?

April 8th? Outbound AirCanada flight, drug in toilet cabinets? which crew is responsible for cleaning this flight? or did this flight land here with the drugs on board or was it put there after landing here???

Top 10 Airports around the world, hah?

Monday April 10th, Container containing cocaine and marijuana? Who's names are attached to the shipping manual? What about the many drugs confiscated earlier this year at the Point Blanche Harbor aboard containers? No mention since to the general public????

Top 10 Harbors, hah????

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