Sixth employee of immigration service arrested in Ostrich-investigation

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - On Wednesday morning March 15, 2017 the suspect B.M.B. (44 ) born in Aruba had been detained in the Ostrich-investigation. She is suspected of bribery and human smuggling and is the fifth employee of the immigration service to be arrested in this investigation.

It concerns an investigation carried out by the Unit Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling of the St. Maarten Police Force,

KPSM into illegal admittance of amongst others Jamaicans, Haitians and Guyanese.

Last week a fifth suspect of the immigration service was detained. Also a lawyer was arrested in connection with the Ostrich-investigation. The investigation continues.

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-1 #1 JUST PURE SHAME 2017-03-15 20:29
Take down the PARLIAMENT. Take down the MOB. If you don't, The open borders will close to French St. Martin. You will lose tourists and investors. You will wind up with a community of criminals and drug addicts. It all starts at the TOP.
EMPTY the jail..Send all felons on a one way trip to Guadalupe.
Unfortunately if the Dutch do not intervene, tourism and investments will decline rapidly. You will wind up with a Haiti situation or having armed security and compounds throughout the country like Dominican Republic.
I love St. Maarten. The Dutch need to clean up the mess before its too late. Its easy....Disband Parliament, send officials down to take over every governing aspect... Fire everyone in every position and hire new. It will be an adjustment but a needed one.
The Dutch really need to take over and fully run this island. Do away with the crooked politicians and parliament. Many of the criminals are not actual citizens but transports from other island

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