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PHILIPSBURG, ST, Maarten - On Tuesday August 1st and Wednesday August2nd two male suspects in the in the ongoing Lynx investigation were arrested by detectives.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - During a search done on Tuesday August 1st by members of the KPSM assisted by the Dutch Marines stationed on the island, human remains were found in the vicinity of Belair Beach.

These human remains have been confiscated for further investigation.

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - Last night units of the Coast Guard in the Caribbean twenty-six (26) undocumented Venezuelans arrested and handed over to the Police Corps Curacao (KPC). The Dash-8, the maritime patrol aircraft Coast Guard detected a suspect vessel south of East Point Curaçao.

Two Super RHIB's from Curacao bases used are similar.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Police Department is investigating a case which is called the “Ball thrower”. 

It is via social media that KPSM became aware of photographic images place on this site, where it is very clear to see when an unknown person, while bathing at the beach, threw an object which looks like a red or dark ball at an aircraft which was about to land at Princess Juliana International Airport.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Police Department, the Public Prosecutors Office and the Minister of Justice are confirming the capture and arrest of Kathron Fortune a.k.a. “Cuchi” after receiving the information from the Royal Police Force of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The arrest took place on Saturday July 29th on the island of Saint Kitts.

OYSTER POND, French Saint Martin - At 12:25pm on Wednesday, July 26, hikers near the Whale Watch Observatory in Oyster Pond on the French side reported to Gendarmes the presence of a body that was partially submerged in the water, some 50m from the edge.

This lifeless, but recently deceased body, was of a man about 35 years old, 1.80m and of Latino ethnicity. His head was about 80cm in the water. He was pulled out by Gendarmes, who found that he was wearing Bermuda shorts with a distinctive belt buckle.

The deceased was wearing T-shoes and had no identifying documents, or phone, or car keys on him.

In addition, a new white and red basket was found on the bank, however, the connection to the corpse cannot be ascertained at the moment.

PHILIPSBUG, St. Maarten -  The Courtcase against Emsley Tromp (investigation Safier) will be on October 26 and 27. 30

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - During the last few years, the Court of First Instance in Sint Maarten ordered suspects in various cases to repay to the Country of Sint Maarten the illegal proceeds from their crimes. Some of these court orders and verdicts are now irrevocable. According to the laws of the Country of Sint Maarten, the execution of court orders and criminal verdicts – amongst those court orders to repay illegal proceeds from crime – is an important task of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is urging those persons involved to come forward to voluntarily repay the criminal proceeds. If payment at once proves to be impossible, the Prosecutor’s Office is willing to discuss the possibility to engage in a repayment plan.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Police Department has been quite busy over the weekend answering many calls for police assistance. At least seven of these calls were for fights that had taken place at different locations. These fights do not include the other cases that are presently other investigation by the Detective Department.

On Friday July 21st, at approximately 10.35 p.m. a jealous husband with initials P.P.C. was arrested for ill-treating his wife with a machete. As a result of the ill-treatment the victim suffered several wounds to her body which needed medical attention. The incident took place on the Arch Road in Sucker garden. The suspect remains in custody pending further investigation.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Detectives are presently investigating the fatal stabbing of a man which took place on Thursday July 20th at approximately 11.30 p.m. on Diamond Hill road in Cole Bay. The stabbing took place during a major brawl between two groups of men during which weapons were used. Immediately after receiving the first call the Emergency Dispatch Center sent several police patrols, detectives and paramedics to the scene to investigate what had taken place.

According to the reports the brawl was a result of an argument these men had with each other earlier in the evening at the gasoline station on Bush road which turned into a physical confrontation. The dispute continued later between these two groups and weapons were used.

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