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PHILIPSBURG - Minister of Justice Roland Duncan wants to have four police substations, two of which will serve the communities over Cole Bay Hill. One of these will be in the Cupecoy area, one in Cole Bay, and one each on the LB Scot Road and in Belvedere.

PHILIPSBURG - The driver of a dump truck, who fatally struck a school girl last Friday after she disembarked a school bus, was released from custody and this has caused quite a stir within the St. Maarten community.

DSC_0094PHILIPSBURG - There have been some delays in delivering the holding cells in Simpson Bay to government, remarked Minister with the responsibility for Justice in St.Maarten, the honorable Rolland Duncan.

Although, it is expected that the building will be made available to government sometime at the end of the month or early June, there is no specific date at this time.

In addressing that issue during the PJD-2 Sunday morning program "People's Voice" with Lloyd Richardson, the Minister of Justice stated that he has made two major changes to the building.

According to Minister Duncan, the reason for the changes is because Government intends to put more police officers in Simpson Bay.

The idea is to have sufficient large force over the hill. Minister Rolland Duncan further stated that they are also looking at the possibility of having four Police Sub-Stations on the island.

One will be in Cole Bay, one in Cupecoy, one on the LB Scot Road and the other will be in Belvedere.

More now via PodCast.

DSC_5069PHILIPSBURG - The judge of the local Court of First Instance ordered the immediate release of a young woman of Guyanese descent The young mother had obtained residency last year through the Brooks Tower procedure.

P5280098GREAT BAY/CURACAO - The parliament of the Netherlands Antilles will be meeting in a central committee on Thursday to discuss four law proposals. That is according to chairman of the parliament of the Netherlands Antilles, Senator Pedro Atacho.

DSC_2832PHILIPSBURG - On Tuesday July 27th 2010 in the presence of Notary Henry Parisius, the stichting Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur of St. Maarten (SBA SXM) officially came into being.

PHILIPSBURG - Constitutional re-arrangements within the Dutch Kingdom, and other parts of the world, is nothing new. With a unanimous vote for the 'Constitution' of the soon to be country Sint Maarten, and elections to elect the Members of the first Parliament slated to be held on September 17, 2010, a brief trip through history is worthwhile to access where we are today, how we reached here, and what we should look for come 10-10-10.

hollidaySameulPHILIPSBURG - The episode leading up to the removal from office of the former Chief of police, Section Windward Islands Derrick Holiday, has all of the makings of top notch spy and political thriller.

minister_cutting_the_ribbonWindwardside, Saba: On Wednesday afternoon the community of Saba gathered in front of the new Police Sub Station in Windwardside for its official opening.

PHILIPSBURG - There is still no concrete agreement on the constitution of the Island Territory of Curacao despite an Island Council meeting recently to address the issue.

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