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Legal Perspective

Legal Perspective (1216)

PHILIPSBURG, Willemstad - In light of the investigations into the alleged money laundering by Robbie's Lottery boss, Robbie dos Santos, the finance minister on Curacao, who is the brother of Robbie, George Jamaloodin of MFK, has been requested to take a back seat until the matter is dealt with.

PHILIPSBURG - The BTA process did not end well for many persons who applied for work permits, as several of the applicants have been turned down due to illegalities.

PHILIPSBURG - Last March the Public Prosecutor's Office issued a conditional dismissal to a suspect from Sint Maarten for using a false foreign birth certificate to obtain a Dutch passport for her illegally adopted child.

WASHINGTON U.S.A. -   In federal court documents unsealed Friday in Washington, prosecutors said the funds are spread among three UBS investment accounts in Miami held by shell companies, which in turn are controlled by Robertico Alejandro dos Santos, a Curacao national who runs legal gambling operations on both Curacao and St. Maarten under the name “Robbie’s Lottery.”

PHILIPSBURG - Chief prosecutor Hans Moss is remaining tight lipped about the on-going investigations into the execution style murders that have been plaguing the island.

PHILIPSBURG, Willemstad – On Monday July 25th, the Honorable Roland Duncan Minister of Justice of Sint Maarten conducted a working visit to Curacao to address issues concerning the Coastguard, ICT system and database management, and future working agreements between the three islands.

PHILIPSBURG - The Parliament of St. Maarten wrapped up their first week of meetings after the summer recess on Friday afternoon.

PHILIPSBURG - Sunday July 17th, 2011 is International Justice Day and as part of a global effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice, the Ministry of Justice has decided to observe this day and host a week, dubbed “International Justice Week,” of informative sessions and activities.

Since 10-10-10 the Ministry of Justice has made great effort to strengthen the functional cooperation in justice-related matters with our counterparts on French Saint Martin, the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, BES islands, Anguilla and St. Barths as a part of an overall strategy to not only efficiently serve the people of Sint Maarten but become a dependable partner within the Eastern Caribbean region and Dutch Kingdom.

The general public is hereby kindly requested to tune in to each show, for information and enlightenment about the Ministry, it’s departments and plans for Country St.Maarten.

    The week of events includes;

    Radio Interviews:

    • Sunday July 10th - On GBBC (LIVE) at 11:00am; Interview with the Honorable Minister of Justice Roland Duncan.

    • Monday July 11th – On The Elektra Morning Show (LIVE) at 8:00am; Interview with Ms. La Paix and Mrs. Smits – Rombley from the Immigration and Naturalization Department.

    • Monday July 11th – On The Lloyd Richardson Show (LIVE) at 12:00pm; Interview with Mr. Den Hartig from the Public Prosecutors’ Office.

    • Tuesday July 12th – On The Elektra Morning Show (LIVE) at 8:00am, Interview with Ms. Concincion and Mrs. Van Samson – Filemon from the S.J.I.B.

    • Tuesday July 12th – On The Lloyd Richardson Show (LIVE) at 12:00pm, Interview with Mr. Wilfred from the Prison.

    TV Interviews:

    • Wednesday July 13th – At 7:00pm on Department of Communication Info-session, Interview with The Honorable Minister of Justice Roland Duncan.
    • AVS News Interview Recap -  At 7:30pm

    • Thursday July 14th - At 7:00pm on Department of Communication Info-session, Interview with Mr. R. Henson and Ms. Jacoba from the Police Corps.
    • AVS News Interview Recap -  At 7:30pm

    • Friday July 15th - At 7:00pm on Department of Communication Info-session, Interview with Mr. Wilfred from the Prison and Ms. La Paix and Mrs. Smits-Rombley from the Immigration and Naturalization Department.
    • AVS News Interview Recap -  At 7:30pm

    The general public is also kindly requested to come out and join the Ministry of Justice in Celebrating “International Justice Day”.

    On Sunday July 17th – At the Clem Labega Square;

    International Justice Day Program

    • At 9:00am to 10:30am –  International Justice Day Ceremony.

    • At 10:45am -11:45am – Uniformed Troops March

    • At 12:00pm – 3:00pm – Justice EXPO – recruitment and information booths will be set up by various departments within the ministry

PHILIPSBURG - On Monday, 27th June, 2011 the Court ruled, upholding the repatriation of P.B.P. (Dominican Republic), who applied for a BTA-permit for the first time in December 2010.

The judgment has no immediate consequences for other BTA-applicants but only to this specific individual.

This case is specific for a number of reasons. First of all, the Court allowed the eviction because there was no concrete indication that B.P. could receive a residence permit.

Secondly, B.P. did not provide any documents to the Immigration Department or the Court to support his application, nor did he claim to have paid the required deposit for a residence permit.

Thirdly, B.P. is suspected of committing several crimes and the Minister of Justice declared him as undesirable. As an undesirable immigrant, he was placed in detention and evicted.

The BTA-process is a humane solution for the problems that undocumented immigrants faced in the Netherlands Antilles.

Undocumented immigrants were provided the opportunity to apply for a one-year residence permit if they complied with certain criteria.

In late 2010, immigrants who already received a BTA-permit could apply for an extension of their residence permit, and immigrants that had previously submitted an application were given the opportunity to provide the necessary documents to support their earlier application, such as passports and proof of residence.

All BTA-applications are currently being examined by a special committee that will advise the Minister whether the application complies with the BTA-criteria.

PHILIPSBURG, Willemstad - According to the Dutch Minister Piet Hein Donner, there will be no investigation of the Central Bank.

This was made clear during a meeting with the Prime Minister of Curacao Gerrit Schotte.

The Dutch Minister also stated that the government of the Kingdom will be assisting in the building of confidence in the joint Central Bank of Curacao and St Maarten.

Gonzalo Cuales of Z-86 radio in Curacao in his PJD2 radio report Tuesday stated that the investigation is hindered by the articles of the Central Bank, only the board of the bank can do the investigation.

Cuales report can now be heard via PodCast.

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