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Legal Perspective

Legal Perspective (1153)

PHILIPSBURG/Willemstad - At the beginning of the project the Minister of Justice Magalie Jacoba, indicated that the progress of the project would be evaluates periodically. It will gradually, when necessary, give instructions to the quantity and quality of the project and the requirements to improve and increase.
PHILIPSBURG - By popular request The Law in Focus will be rebroadcasting a series of programs on telecommunication and ICT in the Netherlands Antilles with focus on country Sint Maarten.


The Dutch current affairs TV programme NOVA has revealed another gaffe by the Public Prosecutor's Office. Between September and December last year police investigating a gang murder tapped a telephone in one of the wings of the Bijlmerbajes the main prison complex in Amsterdam.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) was founded in 1813. It was part of France from 1795 until 1813, before 1795 the greater part of the current territory was governed by a confederation of sovereign provinces (Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden).


Organised crime and law enforcement on St. Maarten

Nature of study: background, research questions and collection of data background organised crime on the islands of the Netherlands Antilles is a matter of concern for local government and society alike.

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