Prime Minister Attends Signing of the Establishment of the St. Maarten Development Fund

PHILIPSBURG - The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams oversaw the signing of the establishment of the St. Maarten Development Fund (SDF) at SPS Notary Office in Philipsburg on Wednesday.

In 2011, financing of the NGO sector via the two main Antillean based funding agencies partially ceased to take place or was started to be phased out.

The constitutional changes to the constellation of the Netherlands Antilles has also led to changes in the approach of the Dutch Government in financing these funding agencies which at that time were known as the Fund for Social Development and Economic Activities (Reda Sosial) and Antillean Co-Financing Agency (AMFO).

In November of 2011, in anticipation of an undesirable void in the financing options for the NGO field, the Government found it fitting to facilitate and coordinate the establishment of a St. Maarten NGO Financing Agency: "The St. Maarten Development Fund (SDF)".

~"The survivability of this sector is sustained through the vision and passion of community minded citizens"~

A board was put in place and funds have been allocated for the operational costs of the new organization in the Governments budget for 2012.

The Prime Minister commented that Community Development and Social issues have been put high on National and International agenda's in the acknowledgement that these topics are crucial for the development of a nation.

So too the leadership of St. Maarten acknowledges that successful Community Development and Nation Building calls for joint forces between Government, NGO's and the Business sector.

""Much emphasis must be put on joint, integrated and inter-sectoral approach of social development on St. Maarten.

The role of the NGO field is crucial in the development of the Country.

This is why continuous support must be given to this sector to strengthen the organizations and to finance their endeavors," commented the Prime Minister.

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