St.Maarten Academy "Get Fit" Flash Mob

PHILIPSBURG -The St. Maarten Academy is one of the schools that have taken part in the team building exercise consisting of a school dance.

According to the organizers of the dance performance concept, is not just limited to the St. Maarten Academy.

The St. Dominic School is also a participant with an on-line video.

It is expected that other schools will engage in this competitive team building activity.

After all at the end of the day the winning school will also have financial compensation. To win the school will have to gather the most likes via the organisers facebook page.

According to Tephany Baptist, facebook promoter of the work and concept;

Every school would be given the task to choose a kind of line dance.

This dance must be performed on school grounds and in school uniform.

Student must come together as a team to plan and practice their performance.

Students are allowed to use any already existing line dance or make up one of their own.

The performance must be filmed and posted on facebook or YouTube as a reply to the promo video that will be posted on YouTube explaining the entire competition.

Students will have two months time to send in their video so that it can be judged.

Because this competition is very dependent of the Internet, Sint Maarten will widely be promoted indirectly through the duration of this project.


This project is a great activity to bring schools together and also to give students the chance to give back to their school Knowing that they worked hard for something they will have more respect for it. In other words the students will learn the value of their schools and build more school spirit. Lately school work is the last thing on the mind of students. So why not create an activity that is better from all aspects?. By participating in this project they will learn how to work as a team and also they will learn how to have more respect and pride in their schools. Another plus point to this project is just having fun with your creativity. It's very important that they enjoy themselves.

See video below.

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