TelEm Group bringing unprecedented bandwidth to Festival Village for Carnival

TelEm Group is using the services of local contractors to pull fiber optic cables to the Festival Village and surrounding areas. TelEm Group is using the services of local contractors to pull fiber optic cables to the Festival Village and surrounding areas.

POND ISLAND, St. Maarten – TelEm Group Technicians and engineers have been busy connecting the Festival Village with fiber optic cable and new Wi-fi solutions to vastly improve mobile voice and data user experience during this year’s carnival season.

Prompted by an initiative of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Kendall Dupersoy to “flood” St. Maarten’s premier gathering spot for carnival with top of the line telecommunication connections, TelEm Group’s outside plant has been busy in recent weeks running lightning-fast fiber optic cables from the company’s main building on Pond Island to the Festival Village. From there, connections are also being made to other parts of Phillipsburg in preparation for more connections in the center of town.

According to Mr. Dupersoy, the focus on the Festival Village is turning out to be a great learning experience for TelEm Group in providing fiber optic and Wi-fi services in a densely populated area.

As a pre-cursor to the company’s upcoming island-wide rollout of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) this Summer, the project at the festival Village will also provide valuable training to TelEm Group staff and local contractors, who will be instrumental in building the underground fiber optic network over the next two years.

“There are thousands of people in the Village at the height of carnival and practically everyone will be using their mobile phones to make calls, take pictures or send videos to theie families and friends” said the CEO.

He said the net result during Carnival is an incredible demand at specific times of the day and night for unlimited bandwidth to satisfy the needs of customers in the Village.

“In the past, consumer demand in the Village has literally choked TelEm’s telecommunication network, leaving customers angry and unsatisfied. By providing additional bandwidth from the higher capacity fiber cables, and also by introducing a new Wi-fi solution for the Village, customers and the public can look forward to an unforgettable user experience at the Festival Village during this Carnival season,” said the TelEm Group chief.

Mr. Dupersoy said also that the improved user experience is being extended to booth-holders using the facilities at the Festival Village, noting that they will be offered highly affordable rates to use the services offered by TelEm Group.

Mr. Dupersoy has been most complimentary of the work being done in the field by company technicians with the assistance of local contractors.

He also singled out Engineer, Mr. Earl Thomas and those assisting him, for their work in providing a brand new Wi-Fi solution for the Village to better service customer needs.

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