SCDF awards District Band top honors for Carnival 2013

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has named the District Band as the top band of the Carnival season 2013. The choice was made based on criteria the SCDF laid out to the various bands prior to the start of Carnival 2013.

In selecting District Band, the SCDF said it was encouraging to see young people, young musicians, who are disciplined with their art form and committed to putting a good product of substance on the road for Carnival.


"For us music is very important. Our bands were getting into this habit of relying on a rhythm box and simply belting out chants. We wanted to hear music being played and songs being sung, the SCDF said in a release.


"In particular local songs should have been played and sung and not just the songs of the band itself. In this regard, while other bands complied, District Band excelled.


The young band members played famous Carnival tunes of the past, more recent hits, they even played the songs of the bands they were competing against. It was refreshing, it was orderly and we hope it's a trend that will continue," the SCDF added.


Some of the regular criteria applied for 2013 including, but not limited to, mandatory band participation in the opening jump-up, jouvert and closing jump-up, good conduct, the playing of three road march songs, other than its own, from previous years, being on time for all events, band members being uniformed at all times etc.


District Band also released its music months ago, were hired for Carnival related gigs and is lead by talented St. Maarten musician Calvin Mardembrough and a team whose emphasis and focus is purely on music.


The SCDF explained that unlike previous years, crowd participation was not a great deciding factor for the title, since for the foundation quality is of utmost important for the overall Carnival product.


"We would like to thank all the bands that participated for Carnival 2013 and encourage them to continue playing throughout the year, not just at Carnival time. We congratulate District Band and their management team for being disciplined and professional on the road, on stage, and for representing themselves, their families and St. Maarten Carnival so well," the SCDF concluded.

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