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PHILIPSBURG - The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (CDF), expressed satisfaction with the Junior Parade which took place on Sunday. A total of eight troups took part in the festivals first parade. Last year only four troups took part.
PHILIPSBURG - The King of the Kings competition on Friday evening, played out to a packed Festival Village on St. Maarten. The results of the competition which was announced after 2AM, saw King Stunky coming in third with 315 points. He sang the song entitled, Action Time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008
Opening Jump Up (8:00 PM)

Movie Lineup from Philipsburg Theatres.
April 10 - April 16 2008
PHILIPSBURG - The organizers of the annual zouk/konpas events are returning strong this year;
PHILIPSBURG-Carnival 2008 is here and the calypsonians are preparing. Among them is kaiso Genius and coming back for the King of Kings calypso show is King Jacko.
PHILIPSBURG-Carnival 2008 is set to open with a bang as the first show will bring together the best of the best in Calypso on St Maarten.
BUSHROAD-This years Jr.Calypso, Jr. road march and Jr. Queen show held at the Celebration Palace on Sunday afternoon was a great success.
Movie Lineup from Philipsburg Theatres. April 3 - April 9 2007
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