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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - For first time since being renamed after a St. Maarten Lions Club legend, the “Lion Wally Havertong Christmas Bingo Spectacular 2015” is scheduled for Saturday December 5th at the Festival Village in Philipsburg.
The St. Maarten Lions Club 1st Vice President, Lion Davey Woods of the Bingo Organizing Committee stated: “Planning and preparations for the annual Lions Christmas Bingo are well underway and we are happy to announce this to the general public exactly two months ahead of the date of the event. Bingo tickets will be available in a few weeks and can be purchased from any of our St. Maarten Lions Club members or at the Lions Civic Centre in Suckergarden”.  
He further stated, ”The price per ticket has remained the same: US$10.- or ANG 20.- and it entitles you to one(1) bingo card. There will be numerous chances to win prizes, including: Overloaded Christmas Baskets, Electronics, dinners at participating restaurants, travel vouchers to various destinations and a grand prize of Santa Bag which is US$ 1,000 cash money.
The business community will be asked to assist the Christmas Bingo by donating baskets and other prizes. For all those who enjoy hearing Lion Wally Havertong sound-off the numbers while asking if “anybody bingo?”, we encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance and arrive on time as we are slated to begin at 8pm sharp at the Festival Village.”
The Lions Club of St. Maarten admits that this is one of the most loved signature projects that the club holds on annual basis and also it’s biggest fundraiser.
The Lions Christmas Bingo is not only a fun game for the entire family and friends, it also offers opportunities to win prizes which are in tune with what a winner would need during the Christmas Season, and even more so, it is the most important project to the club because the proceeds are used to touch so many in our community that require assistance throughout the Lionistic year. 
The community at large is welcome and the St. Maarten Lions Club is in full gear to ensure that the “Lion Wally Havertong Christmas Bingo Spectacular 2015” is enjoyed by all.

Middle Region, St. Maarten - Regarded as the No. ONE (1) dance event for music lovers and the mature at heart, Fya Under Yuh Foot is back and hotter than ever before!

On December 26th (Boxing Day) the tent at Port de Plaisance will be set completely on Fyah! There will be FYAH on FYAH when the legendary 

band Edwin Yearwood and Krosfyah hit the stage at Fyah Under Yuh Foot.
Krosfyah’s (who is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary) many international hits make them the perfect Boxing Day treat for Fyah Under 
Yuh Foot fans and music lovers alike. As one of the most innovative soca bands to come out of Barbados with some of the world’s biggest soca 
hits like "Sweatin", "Pump Me Up", and "Sak Passe, Krosfyah will bring nothing but pure energy and enjoyment to the Fyah Under Yuh Foot audience.
Edwin Yearwood is a natural born entertainer whose accolades and songwriting genius recognizes him as the undisputed soca king. Edwin is 
the charismatic lead singer of Krosfyah and also the winner of the 2015 Sweet Soca in Barbados with his song, “Party Of The Year”. His intimate 
relationship with melodies and lyrics manifests itself in a creation of his songs that are not only the very core of Krosfyah, but music that has rocked 
the hips and soothed the souls of krosfyah’s fans worldwide for many years.
Edwin Yearwood and Krosfyah not only compliment Fyah Under Yuh Foot by ensuring all guests a truly unforgettable experience, but also provides 
the opportunity for persons to truly reflect, embrace and enjoy life in full jubilee all while looking forward to a wonderful 2016.
Music for this unforgettable experience will be provided by three (3) of the hottest DJ’s in the industry; Dj Biggers of Big & Serious Sound and the 
Fyah starters themselves,  CD Rankin & Mr. Rude.
As always, Fyah Under Yuh Foot’s production guarantees each guest an unforgettable experience as they dance the night away to the hottest Soca, 

Zouk, Dancehall, Batchata and more. Xtratight™ production is strictly committed to ensuring the show’s timely and orderly start.
Fyah Under Yuh Foot will be held on Saturday December 26th, at Port De Plaisance (Under De Tent); Door opens at 10pm.
Stay connected to Xtratight Entertainment facebook page for deals and give a ways.

WILLEMSTAD, CuracaoAfter several months of preparation, the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) successfully organized the island’s largest culinary festival, Flavors of Curaçao. CHATA reminisces on a well-attended event at the Kleine Wharf; a worthy celebration of World Tourism Day. The culinary festival attracted more than 1600 visitors whom enjoyed creative and flavorsome culinary delicacies.

Thursday through Sunday, the Kleine Wharf, which usually serves as a concert venue, was morphed into a culinary venue where Curaçao’s Largest open air culinary festival, would be hosted.

CHATA is pleased with Flavors of Curaçao’s success and is highly appreciative of all support given by the Flavors of Curaçao sponsors, and the participating restaurants that had to deliver on the promise of serving succulent food. Through commitment, and collective efforts by all stakeholders, CHATA and its partners accomplished the goal of successfully organizing the first edition of Flavors of Curaçao.

CHATA considers the 2015 edition of the culinary event, a pilot and learning experience. CHATA is happy to have received constructive feedback by participating restaurants and attendees to the event. CHATA takes the feedback seriously and will implement it in the planning process of Flavors of Curaçao – 2016. The feedback will allow Flavors of Curaçao to make necessary improvements; this will allow Flavors to become a valuable event for Curaçao’s community and tourists.

Flavors of Curaçao is a fundraising event, allowing CHATA to fund culinary educational programs and awareness creation campaigns scheduled for 2016. The culinary event’s proceeds support CHATA Helping Hands Foundation.

CHATA President & CEO, Lizanne Dindial, reflects upon Flavors of Curaçao’s success and states, “ This was most definitely a worthy celebration of World Tourism Day, I can proudly say that CHATA has done it again! We successfully realized what we envisioned a few months ago; CHATA organized the island’s largest culinary event with more than 1600 visitors, this is surely a worthy edition to our tourism product.”


CHATA is growing and is constantly introducing a variety of new programs, concepts, ideas and strategies. These are all efforts with the ultimate aim of making Curaçao a premier Caribbean destination.

GREAT BAY, St. Martin — Bankie Banx was born Clement Ashley Banks in Anguilla in 1953. His childhood was spent in his native land and on the neighboring island of St. Martin—where Banx has remained in the popular imagination since his first reggae hit single, Prince of Darkness (1977).

From age 10, when Bankie “built his own guitar,”1 to his stint with the Rolling Tones, a popular 1980s band in St. Martin, it should have been clear that there was a poet in the aspiring musician.While he is widely known for his music and unique singing voice, the international recording star is generally not thought of as a writer of verse. But Bankie Banx is arguably one of Anguilla’s accomplished poets.

In an interview with House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP), Banx said that he had long been a student of poetry, reading and writing verse since he was a teenager. when the singer talks about his songwriting process, one can get the impression that some of his songs were first written as poems. Banx composed ten of the twelve songs on his Just Cool (2012) CD album.

Banx’s debut album Roots and Herbs (1978) with The Roots and Herbs band quickly followed Prince of Darkness, making the Anguillian artist an instant reggae brand pioneer in the Eastern Caribbean. His rising star beginnings landed him a Reggae Sunsplash performance in Jamaica in 1983. Banx and his band toured the Caribbean and Europe for three years; in 1987 The Roots and Herbs disbanded. He went on to collaborate with Junior Jazz, Robert Manos, Robert Mansfield, and other musicians in the USA in the late 1980s.

Banx has recorded with Bob Dylan,2 the influential American singer-songwriter; had his music on the Southie film soundtrack (1999) and his first Sunsplash performance featured in Cool Runnings–The Reggae Movie (2005); appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and other US TV programs; and by his tenth album (Just Cool), Bankie Banx had achieved a legendary musical status. Songs such as “Inspector” (1979), “Down on the Corner” (1984), “Busted in Barbados” (1999), and “Big Chief” (2003) express artistic ranges of his experiences and worldview, from humorous double entendre to his notion of when it is “captivity not democracy”3 that people are being subjected to in their society.

The story of Bankie Banx is not only in his songs and travel adventures. A cornerstone of his life and career changes is the Moonsplash Music Festival, founded by Banx in Anguilla in 1991. One of the region’s unique festivals, known for harboring high ranking Wall Street types among its throngs of music pilgrims, Moonsplash is held annually at a beachfront encampment, on the grounds of the Dune Preserve, Bankie’s own bar.4

Each year Bankie Banx shepherds the star-studded concert line-up, which has included David Bryan of Bon Jovi, Rita Marley, Black Uhuru, Jimmy Buffett, Third World, Steel Pulse, Marcia Griffiths, Roots & Herbs, Buju Banton, Gramps Morgan, Anthony B, Burning Spear, The Wailers Band, Toots & the Maytals, Orange Grove, John Mayer, and Freddie McGregor.

There’s an aspect about the Dune and the festival that is said to be chronicled in “Still in Paradise” (1999), about how “in 1994 Bankie put the pieces of his life back together” and how “his career in music was almost stolen.5 At home in his Caribbean, between producing music and the Moonsplash concerts, Banx is not just cooling out at the beach and taking an occasional yacht cruise along the region’s chain of islands. One of the ways that Banx “gives back” to his nation is with Project Stingray, a music and arts education program. The youth-oriented project was founded in Anguilla in 2005. That year he raised funds for the program on his USA tour. Here’s how the philanthropy of the artist is recorded at “Through his fund-raising efforts, Bankie was able to donate 30 brand new guitars to the Stingray Program during the Cultural and Arts Fair at Moonsplash 2006.” Furthermore, “During a Jimmy Buffett charity event hosted by Bankie Banx at The Dune Preserve, Bankie raised over one hundred thousand for local charities.”

The music out of which rises Banx’s hauntingly throaty voice may suggest to some a lyrical and stylistic link between him and Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. But Bankie Banx is a certified original. His music is eclectic, a syncretism of reggae, R&B, jazz, Eastern Caribbean string and horn subtleties, and North American urban folk. His poems in Where I See the Sun–Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla (2015), like the lyrics of some of his noted songs, are more of a prophetic and revolutionary kind. “I sing about the Revolution all of the time,” he said during the HNP interview.

The news in early 2015 about the song and verse writings of Bankie Banx might have had something to do with the awards and honors he received this year. In early February it was reported that his poetry would be published for the first time in a book of Anguillian verse.6 Word also got out that Banx would be honored at the 13th annual St. Martin literary festival. In April, the Anguillian government decided that the island’s famous son would be a recipient of the 48th annual Anguilla Day award on June 1 (the book with his poems was launched in Anguilla on may 21).

On June 6, Bankie Banx received the Presidents Award from the St. Martin Book Fair,7 where he was a guest artist (previous awardees include literary giants George Lamming and Kamau Brathwaite and West Papuan folk singer and freedom fighter Benny Wenda).

The poems by Bankie Banx, written in December 2014 for the anthology Where I See The Sun, are “The Valleys of Our Fears,” a version of the song by the same name that appears on Just Cool, and “The Law,” a version of the song by the same name from his studio album The News (2009).



Pond Island– The 3rd annual TelCell Breakthrough talent show at the Theatre Royale, Maho, has been hailed another runaway success by event organizers and Minister of Education Youth & Sports, Mrs. Rita Bourne-Gumbs.

TelCell Breakthrough another winner……………….2

At the end of a grueling night of performances, the judges were very candid in their assessment of all the performers and named the following winners on the night:

Aldi Farrell - Instruments

Rumari Rogers - Rapping

Lian Borsje - Dance

Kyanni Atmpawiro - Vocals

Paul Brown – Beatboxer

Awards were also presented to the finalists for:

Best Team Spirit: Rumari Rogers

Most Punctual: Lisha Maduro

Producer’s Pick: Aldi Farrell

Most Creative Performance: Celina Monsanto

SMS Campaign Winner: Leann Richardson

According to show organizers, Saturday’s event played to a full house with many persons unable to get into the show where they would have witnessed an impromptu singing performance from Member of Parliament, Tamara Leonard and VIP guest for the night.

Also an honoured guest was Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs, Mrs. Rita Bourne-Gumbs, who gave a feature address in which she pleaded with parents to continue to foster the natural talent that their children have.

Minister Bourne-Gumbs also appealed to the youths to continue to follow their dreams and TelEm Group to continue to provide the important vehicle of the Breakthrough event to assist the island’s youth.

TelEm Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Mr. Brian Mingo thanked the special guests, judges, MC for the night, and everyone who turned out for another spectacular show, but reserved the highest praise for the performers themselves who have been practicing for several weeks to that they can have their moment under the spotlight.

“The TelCell Breakthrough event is our way of giving back to the community and to the youth of St. Maarten as good corporate citizens with a duty and responsibility to society in general,” said Mr. Mingo.

“The night was about nothing else, but the youth, our youth, and what they have to say, not in words, but through their creative actions and talents,” said the TelEm Group CCO.

TelCell Breakthrough another winner……………….3

Saturday’s event was once again successfully managed through collaboration of a team of volunteers from TelEm Group, and promoters Xtratight Entertainment.

Speaking on behalf of TelEm Group, event coordinator Angel Richardson thanked everyone for making the finals another huge success,

“We continue to learn and grow every year and we already have some great ideas for the 4th TelCell Breakthrough event for next year,” said Angel. She has thanked all the parents who continue to support the event and the youth who have embraced the show as a platform for creative expression.

Mr. Berteaux “Mr. Rude Fleming” of Xtratight Entertainment, now has the task of working with this year’s winners under the Rock N Vibes Studio to fine tune their talents. They will collaborate on a hit track, which they will put together themselves, in all the stages, including writing the lyrics, making the beats, producing their own music video and then promoting the end product once it has been professionally mastered.

The TelCell Breakthrough winners will also feature on posters and promotional material for the next year delivering positive messages to their peers and youths throughout the island.

The first performance of the new group will be on November 1st for the Little Miss St. Maarten show, at the cultural center with the group’s first photoshoot planned for October 19th.

Pond Island, St. Maarten – Organizers of the TelCell Breakthrough talent show have started their final countdown to Saturday’s finals at the Theatre Royale, Maho.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten As the culinary capital of the Caribbean, St. Maarten offers the best-of-the-best to please the palate – for visitors and locals, alike – offering restaurants serving fine Italian, American, French and other international cuisine.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Last Friday, Posh Productions hosted its first Corporate Cocktail Pageant Presentation for Corporate St. Maarten.

Pond Island, St. Maarten – Organizers of the upcoming TelCell Breakthrough talent show finals are whipping up excitement for the youth talent event of the year.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The board of the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has taken a decision to implement age restrictions for Carnival Village as part of new operational changes that the foundation has been rolling out over the past few weeks.

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