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Road works to continue in Philipsburg Tuesday

PHILIPSBURG - The second phase of the Cannegieter street (from the Virgon building to the Jubilee Library) will be closed-off for vehicular traffic as of Tuesday morning January 12th 2010.

New Year Message by the Caribbean Congress of Labour

As we close the year 2009 and embrace the New Year it is time not only for celebration of the symbolism of the season but also using the
experiences we have acquired over the year in developing our resolve to meet the challenges envisage in 2010.

Sail girl Laura Dekker can stay with father

- Laura Dekker, the 14-year-old girl who wants to sail solo around the world, can remain at home with her father, a court in Utrecht ruled on Wednesday evening, reports the website of public broadcaster Nos.


- Persons who fall under the risk groups are: pregnant women who are in the last six months of pregnancy or second trimester – from their fourth month onwards – will be vaccinated; persons with chronic conditions e.g. with pulmonary disease; with cardiac disease; after a recent bone marrow transplant; with a diminished resistance to infections: livercirrosis, (functional) asplenia, auto-immune illnesses, chemotherapy, immunosuppressive medication; with diabetes mellitus, even if not on medication; with chronic kidney disease/failure; with HIV-infection; persons 60 years and older; health care workers and health care workers (personnel in nursing homes, senior citizen home, hospital, outpatient clinics and general practitioner/specialist practices); and home care givers of people with a very high risk for severe illness and mortality.


- While walking up 'Loma de Candela' (this was on Sunday, 1st November 2009), in the valley below we saw farmers working the fields. For a farm doesn't know Saturdays and Sundays, nor holidays. Animals have to be fed every day, 365/366 days a year. Crops need attention when they need it, not only on weekdays. So the farmers work constantly. They produce the food we eat. If they should refuse to do what they do so well, wouldn't we all be at a loss? Clearly, they deserve a good deal. The Cuban revolutionaries saw this too, and tried. But after 50 years of socialism their deal is not any better than it used to be. Probably worse. Socialism's basic mistake was to take away the farmers' property. Most of them own no land now, nor cattle. They hold these in usufruct or work for collectivized State-farms.

Today at the movies

- Today at the movies;

UNESCO concludes meeting on St. Maarten Friday

PHILIPSBURG - The role of UNESCO on St. Maarten and the neighboring islands, was the focus of talks Thursday and Friday on St. Maarten at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort.

The Zero Tolerance Team returns

PHILIPSBURG - On Friday morning the 0 tolerance team carried out an operation on the pondfill road, targeting heavy equipment operators who were operating illegally.

Commissioner Holiday gives account of his arrest

PHILIPSBURG - The arrest of Police Commissioner Derrick Holiday was seemingly flawed and filled with untruths according to the most recent account given by the person who went through it all, Derrick Holiday.

Heineken Regatta still being remembered

PHILIPSBURG - The Heineken Regatta is now over but the memories are still lingering.

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