Winair celebrates 50 in Nevis and St. Barths Wednesday

NEVIS and St. Barths - Windward Islands Airways International, Winair, held their 50 anniversary celebration on the islands of Nevis and St. Barths Wednesday.

On Nevis the celebration took place at the Oualie Beach Resort in Wally Bay whilst on St. Barths the celebration was held at the Terminal Building of the islands airport.

On hand for the ceremony on Nevis where the first celebration of the day was held, the Honorable Premier of Nevis Joseph Parry gave an address and congratulated the airline for providing over 30 years of reliable service to the destination of Nevis.

Managing Director of the Airline Captain Edwin Hodge thanked the warm host for their welcome and promised to continue service for the next 50 plus years. The Winair delegation then moved on to the island of St. Barths.

This is another special destination for the carrier Winair as it is described as the cash route for the airline.

A fitting ceremony was also held on St. Barths involving the President, Magras Bruno who spoke about the early days of  the airline to the point where it transition to the Twin Otter aircraft.

During the celebration on both islands the impeccable safety record of Winair over the past 50 years was lauded with the best wishes of continued service into the far future.

A full picture review will be available over the weekend however you can now hear via PodCast and Interview with the Managing Director of Winair Captain Edwin Hodge and Captain Michael Jeffery.

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