Airlines Halting Cuba Flights

HAVANA, Cuba  –  The Cuba travel boom has turned into a bust for two US airlines.

Florida carrier Silver Airways and Frontier Airlines will suspend all Cuba flights in the coming months citing poor demand.

Silver, which operates from Fort Lauderdale to all nine regional airports on the island will halt flights on April 22.

The airline seemed to blame other operators for flooding the market with ‘too many flights and oversized aircraft’ creating overcapacity.

“It is not in the best interest of Silver and its team members to behave in the same irrational manner as other airlines,” said spokeswoman Misty Pinson.

“However, Silver will continue to monitor Cuba routes and will consider resuming service in the future if the commercial environment changes.”

Silver operated flights on small 34-seat Saab twin-propeller planes.

For Frontier, ‘market conditions have failed to materialize’ and it will suspend its Miami-Havana route on June 4

“Costs in Havana to turn an aircraft significantly exceeded our initial assumptions,” said Frontier spokesman Jim Faulkner.

American Airlines has also reduced its number of Cuba flights and JetBlue is flying smaller aircraft than originally planned.

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