Winair implements training and development plan

AIRPORT ROAD, St. Maarten Winair is optimistic in our companies’ growth in customers and revenues. This has motivated us to challenge ourselves to reach further as we look towards the future. Winair believes that a key element for further success is to invest in our employees and their talents. In a strategic step to build and enhance the professionalism and service Winair approached TDC Training & Development Centre to create a training and development plan for all 130 Winair employees.

The training has begun with management and supervisory team, and will continue on every level and in every department within Winair. The main focus will be on team work, communications and customer service for continuous improvement.

“By investing in our people we will achieve our goals. Investing in our people is the highest compliment we can offer our team, as training is theirs to keep”, said Michael Cleaver, President & CEO of Winair.

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