Passenger Removed From LIAT Flight For Alleged Threat

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The police have launched an investigation into a recent incident at the VC Bird International airport in which a passenger was removed from a LIAT flight following remarks made to a flight attendant.

On Wednesday the man — a French national who boarded the aircraft in Barbados — was asked to present his boarding pass.

However, the man, whose name was not disclosed, refused to hand it to the flight attendant and during the exchange, it’s alleged that he used the words “terrorist and bomb”.

The flight attendant reported the matter to the captain and the police were then notified.

They police did a sweep of the plane for explosives, but none was found.

The man was removed from the aircraft and taken into custody for questioning.

The all-clear was given and the flight departed for Guadeloupe.

In a press release, LIAT assured travellers that it was fully committed to the safety of its passengers as well as crew, and would continue to co-operate and partner with all security personnel dedicated to maintaining a safe environment at airports.

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