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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaican rescue teams are searching for an aircraft that reportedly crashed off the coast of St. Elizabeth late Wednesday.

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) said while there is still no physical evidence that an aircraft crashed off the coast the search was continuing based on reports from civilians that they spotted the plane before it disappeared.

“A number of civilians from the area called the police first to say they saw the crash and we through the network we had been alerted to it,” the JDF’s civil-military cooperation officer, Major Basil Jarrett told a local radio station.

He said he could not say how long the search would continue.

In 2014, a plane crashed off the coast of Portland, killing two people.

FT WORTH AND SOUTHLAKE, TexasAmerican Airlines and Sabre Corporation announced today the availability of American’s Preferred and Main Cabin Extra Seats through Sabre’s travel marketplace using NDC-based technology standards. This launch represents both companies’ first implementation of NDC technology standards for ancillaries sold through a global distribution system (GDS).

“American Airlines customers love Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats, and we're excited to have a new way to offer those seats to them through Sabre," said Cory Garner, managing director for distribution for American Airlines. “This new capability of Sabre moves us closer to our longtime goal of offering our products through as many channels as possible.”

~Sabre first to deploy NDC-based technology solution to sell American Airlines premium Preferred and Main Cabin Extra Seats to travel agents~


Beginning in February, American Airlines Preferred and Main Cabin Extra Seats will become available to travel agents using Sabre, making Sabre the first GDS to deliver this content to the marketplace. Main Cabin Extra provides customers with up to six inches of more legroom and Group 1 Boarding. Preferred Seats allow customers to select seats located toward the front of the cabin or closer to the window or aisle.

“Sabre and American Airlines have a long history of reaching innovative firsts together so it makes sense that we would cross this milestone together,” said Sean Menke, president of Sabre Travel Network. “Our Air Extras solutions offer airlines an opportunity to capture more revenue on ancillary products and support their omni-channel merchandising strategies.”

Sabre is a leader in providing air merchandising solutions for airlines and was the first GDS to deliver a solution when paid seats were first introduced into the market.

The company has approximately 60 carriers selling ancillary services through the Sabre travel marketplace, generating millions of dollars in ancillary revenue for its airlines customers. The number of carriers selling ancillaries through Sabre is expected to increase significantly this year.

With Sabre Air Extras, American Airlines can highlight attributes that differentiate their products to nearly 200 million travelers worldwide each year through more than 435,000 agents using Sabre, executing their merchandising strategies across all distribution channels.

More than 900 suppliers rely on the Sabre travel marketplace for distribution and more than $120 billion in travel is processed by the Sabre travel marketplace annually.

HOLLAND - Dutch police are involved in training birds of prey to take out drones flown by criminals and terrorists.

The police, counter-terrorism agency NCTB and the ministries of justice and defence are working on a range of measures to combat drones, broadcaster Nos says. Video footage released by the police at the weekend shows a bird of prey grabbing a drone in its talons and bringing it to the ground.

The project is still in test phase but a spokesman said there was a ‘very real possibility’ that birds of prey could be used. ‘The bird sees the drone as prey and takes it to a safe place, a place where there are no other birds or people,’ project spokesman Marc Wiebes said.

‘That is what we are making use of in this project.’ Attack ‘Everyone can get hold of a drone, and that includes people who want to misuse them,’ police spokesman Michel Baeten told Nos. ‘It is a multifunctional piece of equipment and that means you can launch an attack with them as well.’

As well as birds of prey, officials are also looking into the use of high-tech detention systems and equipment which can remotely take over control of a drone. Another potential measure could be a drone which is programmed to fire at or capture an enemy drone.

A decision on whether or not to use eagles to take out drones will be made in a couple of months.

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – LIAT has announced the complete removal of fuel surcharges on all new tickets booked, effective 1st March 2016.

Chief Executive Officer David Evans said oil is now trading at a 12-year low, ending a decade of high jet fuel costs, which has impacted the price of tickets.

“We are committed to offering our customers the most affordable fares so our Finance team regularly reviews the fuel surcharge levels and whenever changes are decided upon we announce them to the market, Mr. Evans said.

“In this vein, we reduced the fuel surcharge by 50 percent at the beginning of 2015 and it will now be completely removed from March 2016. This will mean that fares will fall by an average of 5 percent. So, beginning 1st March, customers will only have to pay the airfare and any applicable airport and government taxes when they book a flight.”

While the price of oil has been trending downwards, Mr. Evans explained that the effects of crude oil price reductions take some time to impact on the cost of aviation fuel.

“The jet fuel price to LIAT is on average 90 percent higher than the crude price and it takes on average three to six months for the crude oil price reductions to be applied in the region,” he said.

Mr. Evans said the surge in oil prices since 2003 had turned fuel into one of LIAT’s largest costs.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The services of the Managing Director of SXM Airport Regina Labega are needed, so stated the Minister responsible for the airport the Honorable Ingrid Arrindell.

Minister Arrindell also confirmed that the position of Managing Director of SXM Airport cannot be occupied by Miss Labega due to a recent report from the VDSM.

She also alluded to the possibility that the services of Regina Labega could be secured as a consultant but that this has not yet been finalized.

Mr. Larry Doncher is currently carrying out the duties that were being conducted by Miss Labega who has also requested a leave of absence until June 30th 2016, the date on which her contract with the airport ends.

The matter was addressed by the Minister responsible. More now via PodCast.

MIAMI, Florida – An American Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Newfoundland, Canada, after experiencing severe turbulence, injuring seven people.

Flight 206 took off from Miami and was en route to Milan carrying 192 passengers.

“After landing, three flight attendants and four passengers were transported to a St. John’s hospital for further evaluation,” the airline said in a statement.

“We are taking care of our passengers and crew, and we are working on next steps to get them safely to their destination.”

American Airlines spokesman Kent Powell said the seatbelt sign was switched on when the turbulence struck.

Ambulances and emergency crews were waiting on the tarmac with stretchers as the plane touched down, local media reported.

None of the injuries are thought to be life-threatening.

The plane’s pilot Capt. Bertrand Lecocq says it was likely caused by the weekend’s massive storm which dumped record snowfall on the northeastern US.

Airport Road, St. MaartenWINAIR has successfully added three new destinations to the winter 2015/2016 schedule. In addition WINAIR has increased frequencies of flights to St. Kitts, Nevis and Tortola.


January 19th, 2016 WINAIR commenced scheduled service to Antigua, providing easy connection to the UK and Europe from St. Maarten, Nevis and St. Kitts.

route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM - ANU Tue, Thu 2.25pm 4.10pm
SKB - ANU Tue, Thu 3.10pm 4.10pm
NEV - ANU Tue, Thu 3.40pm 4.10pm
ANU - SKB Tue, Thu 5.25pm 5.55pm
ANU - NEV Tue, Thu 5.25pm 6.25pm
route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM - ANU Sun 3.50pm 5.35pm
SKB - ANU Sun 4.35pm 5.35pm
NEV - ANU Sun 5.05pm 5.35pm
ANU - SKB Sun 6.00pm 6.30pm
ANU - NEV Sun 6.00pm 7.00pm

Canefield, Dominica.

Following WINAIR’s temporary service to Canefield, Dominica with their Twin Otters WINAIR has started scheduled service to Canefield, Dominica (DCF) three times a week. The response both in St. Maarten and Dominica has been positive, since in contrast to Douglas Charles Airport (DOM), Canefield is 5 minutes away from the centre of capital Roseau. The convenience this scheduled service now offers those who are traveling to Dominica's capital Roseau additional choices.

Combined with the scheduled ATR service to Douglas Charles airport WINAIR continues to offer daily service to the Island Dominica! 

Schedule as of January 7, 2016:

route Frequency Departure time Arrival time
SXM-DCF Tue, Thu, Fri 7.30am 9.00am
DCF-SXM Tue, Thu, Fri 9.30am 11.00am

San Juan, Puerto Rico.

November 28, 2015 WINAIR and our partner Air Antilles commenced service to San Juan, Puerto Rico utilizing ATR 500 aircraft. The flights depart St. Maarten to San Juan at 11.30am and San Juan to St. Maarten at 2.30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This offers convenient connections to WINAIR’s route network.

For booking information please contact your favorite travel agent or visit WINAIR online at

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - InselAir International B.V. has received the official ‘Air Agency’ certificate from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

This specifically means that InselAir is now an official ‘USA repair station’ and is allowed to perform maintenance work on US registered aircrafts.

The certificate was granted after an extensive audit/inspection by the FAA.

The Director International Affairs of the airline, Edward Heerenveen, told our news department that the Air Agency certificate is proof that the maintenance department of the company is up to standard.

MARIGOT/Great Bay  - Airport and tourism industry leader Regina LaBega received the Conscious Lyrics Foundation Personality Award 2015, at the Chamber of Commerce Building in Marigot, on January 15, 2016.

LaBega received the award at the 29th edition of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture, which was organized by Conscious Lyrics Foundation (CLF), said Shujah Reiph, CLF president.

A “surprised” LaBega was presented with the annual award for “outstanding contribution to the people of St. Martin as Managing Director of SXM Airport,” said Reiph.

“The work of Ms. Regina LaBega at SXM Airport, leading her team of SXM personnel; involving SXM in the life of our island community as a model corporate citizen; the ongoing modernization of SXM; its hub developments; and increasing SXM’s international competitive edge, all on her watch, have made media headlines in 2015,” said Reiph on Tuesday.

Last Friday LaBega received her award before an audience of about 250 people at the MLK, Jr. lecture program, said Reiph. Dr. Dale Manuel delivered the lecture, which had as its theme, “Engaging Ourselves in Building Better Communities.”

The “community action” category of the Personality Award 2015 was dedicated to “the hundreds of people who stood up in the streets of Marigot on October 22, 2015, demonstrating against the PLU or Urban Land Reform,” said Reiph.

“This is the 20th year of the CLF Personality Award, which is presented as a part of the MLK lecture program. It is always a surprise to our awardees,” said Reiph. Past personality of the year awardees include Clara Reyes, Francois Carty, Jonas Wilson, and Positive Foundation.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Windward International Airways (Winair) successfully conducted yet another flight into Canefield, Dominica on Thursday, January 14th.

Flight 901 left St. Maarten at around 7:35 and landed at Canefield at around 9 in the morning with some 15 passengers onboard.

Since the introduction of their service to the Canefield Airport on January 7, more persons traveling to Dominica have been making use of the opportunity, as the airport is only 5 minutes from the capital of Dominica, Roseau.

The flight on Thursday morning was headed by Chief Captain at Winair, Captain Jason. Speaking to our news department he explained the importance of the flight for the people, as well as the challenges in landing into Canefield. 

Speaking to one of the passengers onboard Winair flight 901 to Dominica on Thursday, he told us that while he is accustom of flying into Melvin Hall, Canefield is more convenient to him, and therefore, he welcomes the service.

While he welcomes any and all increase in capacity in air access into Dominica, the Chief Executive Officer of Discovery Dominica Authority, Colin Piper told our news department that Winair connection into Canefield will certainly bring much needed economy stimulus to his country.

The airline is now flying the Dominica route 7 days a week, 4 days into Melvin Hall and 3 days into Canefield.

According to the Dominica Tourism Authority CEO, they applaud the decision taken by Winair to fly into Canfield 3 days a week.

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