Presentation Local Chief of Police, Gov. F.E. Richards
Rotary Club presentation - 23 April 2008

Distinguished Rotarians; ladies and gentlemen:

Thank you for this opportunity to join you and to share with you some of my thoughts and concerns on a subject which is dear to all of us: safety and security on St. Maarten.
Unfortunately, this is a topic of which I cannot paint a rosy picture for you, for the time being.
Nonetheless, on this occasion, I wish to make some general remarks on the state of affairs and the nature of what we are experiencing, on St. Maarten, today.

a. What do we mean with safety and security?
b. Just what is the state of safety on our island?
c. What are the challenges and bottlenecks?
d. What has happened to the numerous recommendations made in various reports?
e. How can we work together to create a safer St. Maarten?

So, on this occasion, I wish, with your indulgence, of course, to seek to some light on all of the aforementioned.

First, allow me to inform you of plans to establish a task force on safety for the island of St. Maarten; I will, later on, provide some details on this endeavor.

A. What do we mean when we speak of safety and security?

Safety, security is something affecting us all.
It has many dimensions. Even when we find ourselves on the street at night and nothing bad happens to us, we still tend to say: I don
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