SPEECH LCF Territorial Council Meeting March 31st 2008

Ladies, Gentlemen
Chief Treasurer of the COM
Dear Colleagues,

The budgetary provisions that I submit to you for your examination today and I hope you, your approval, constitute the first draft budget of the Collectivit

2008 marks year 1 of the finances that are specific to the COM and in the history of Saint Martin, this 1st project is a significant event. The adoption of the annual draft budget is a fundamental political act for our assembly. The credits that we allocate to this or that function or this or that project expresses our choice and priorities for the year 2008. Just as the receipts that we allocate to various sectors translates the results of our fiscal policy, now that the later is in our competence.

In principle, these choices and priorities are witness to the orientations and the will of the majority group of our council. But if I am careful to say
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