New Year’s Message from the Christian Party

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – A week into the New Year, we believe that by now you are well adjusted to the novelty of 2016 which very quickly can become commonplace, familiar and routine.

Therefore you must keep your hopes and dreams alive, stick to your new year resolutions and depend on God to take you through the uncertain months that lie ahead.

It is common for Christmas messages to the people to be filled with best wishes and God fearing rhetoric. The new year messages on the other hand leave God out and only deal with promises and plans for the 2016.

The Sint Maarten Christian Party believes that if we end 2015 with God we should also begin the New Year by including God in our plans and efforts to build and better our country. For this reason the SMCP is inviting everybody to attend the Annual National Day of Prayer at the Clem Labega Square.

This is a time when the entire nation i.e. Government, the Christian Community and all the inhabitants of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin are invited to come together to give God thanks for bringing us through the past year. During this time of prayer, we also seek God for His blessings, guidance, mercy, protection, strength, and wisdom for our government and for the people of this nation.

St. Maarten is faced with many challenges such as the increase in violent crimes, the precarious financial situation and the upcoming elections in September. We don’t have all the answers but God does. That’s why the SMCP will be attending the National Day of Prayer on Sunday, January 10th. We are inviting everyone to join us as we pray together for our nation.

The motto of the Sint Maarten Christian Party is “Serving the People for a Change”. The SMCP intends to serve the people and the country not only through government but also through community service. We are starting this Saturday by joining the Sint Maarten Regatta to help clean up the Kimsha Beach.

We believe that through service we can make a difference and consequently help to make our island a better place for this - and future generations.

In the weeks ahead the SMCP will be presenting its ideas and plans as to how to improve the quality of life on Sint Maarten.

On behalf of the Board, the SMCP-Team, our members and supporters, the SMCP hereby wishes you and your family a blessed, bright, happy, healthy, joyful, peaceful, prosperous and successful New Year!

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0 #1 Nagolbud 2016-04-10 12:42
So many people call themselves Christians yet they lack a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The reality is Constantine created Christianity aka Catholicism to control the people and hold his throne. Catholicism was a mix of paganism and the Bible to pull Born Again Believers into paganism and Baal worship. The reality of Biblical Salvation is anyone who believes on what Jesus Christ did on the cross is a saved saint. He/She is born again and has eternal salvation. There are no good works required to be saved and that certainly includes repentance. Repentance does not even mean turning from sin, as so many religious heretics try and push. 99% of the churches in America preach a false gospel and have perverted it to the point of no return. The problem is, the people themselves are not reading the Bible because they are too busy worshipping at the throne of statism, atheism or some other ridiculous cult.

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